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Your Skin and Cannabis – The Benefits of CBD for Your Skincare


Are you the type who loves to buy skincare products? Well, there’s a bunch of cannabis products for you and your skin.

Cannabidiol products have become more prevalent with each passing day. A lot of manufacturers now combine the compound with oil to make CBD oil. This wonderful substance has a lot of applications, and one area we see often usage is in skincare products.

The market for CBD skincare has grown substantially in recent years, led by the relaxing of regulations in Canada and the United States. It is telling that these two countries make up 40% of the market, and projections suggest that the demand for CBD skincare will only continue to grow. Projections suggest that by 2025, the market will reach a whopping 1.7 billion USD. For context, the market made just 147 million USD in total revenue in 2018.

The Benefits of CBD for Your Skincare Routine

CBD skincare sounds nice and all, but why exactly are people flocking to this new option? Studies show that the cannabidiol component of CBD oil exhibits a lot of positive dermatological effects. For one, it boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. So, if you’re someone who wants to relieve skin conditions like eczema, CBD skin products could be your answer.

Research also suggests that CBD is quite good at fending off acne. It might seem counterintuitive that something oil-based is effective at fighting acne, but CBD has shown the ability to slow down sebum production. Sebum keeps our skin nice and moisturized, but too much sebum makes our skin oily. Our skin then becomes clogged, resulting in acne. By slowing down our sebum production, CBD basically stops this underlying reason why we experience acne breakouts – basically, it’s like fighting oil with oil.

Choosing Your Product

CBD skin products are also quite diverse, so you can likely discover something that fits your needs. If you browse around the internet, you can find all kinds of products available, including lotions, soaps, oils, creams, facial cleansers and much more. So, if you’re interested in this wonderful world of CBD skincare, go take a look and pick whichever product fills your need. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a nice list to take a look at.


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