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Xzibit and Tammy the Cannabis Cutie eat ‘Lasagna Ganja’ with new podcast


It seems like everyone has a cannabis podcast these days, Leafly nation, but not many can say they have multi-platinum rapper and actor Xzibit and lauded cannabis educator, Tammy the Cannabis Cutie, at the helm. Even fewer can boast a name that conjures a sumptuos Italian dinner.

Their new endeavor, called Lasagna Ganja, dropped its first episode yesterday, Oct. 5, recounting the last few decades of cannabis activism with a featured interview with Jerry Krecicki. Xzibit and Tammy have run in different circles—he as a consumer in the music industry and brandowner of NAPALM, and she as an educator with her own cannabis curriculum that spans plant history, medicinal uses, and industry game—but their goals were already aligned. They met in 2020, and given the current cannabis media landscape, a podcast made the most sense.

“I called it the Lasagna Ganja podcast because there’s so many layers to what cannabis and culture mean to our lives—I think it was a perfect fit,” says Xzibit. “I wanted to do it correctly because, you know, we’ve seen other podcasts that have cannabis involved and it’s usually just ends up with a bunch of guys sitting around smoking. And so I wanted to go a total different direction. I want this to be appealing to people from your street all the way to Wall Street.”

Production that puts Lasagna Ganja in the proverbial oven comes from DCP Entertainment, a company known for producing podcasts and other media that highlight underrepresented stories and voices.

“[Cannabis ]increased my productivity, my positive thinking—my life overall really improved and that’s when I became an advocate for the plant. I have gone to business school, and one of the things that I learned was if there’s a problem, you have an opportunity to solve that problem,” adds Tammy. “Cannabis is very much a part of our identities and our brands. We get to be loud and represent our communities respectively, with this plant. We don’t really have any people of color mainstream cannabis podcasts, so we have an opportunity to create a lane for people to also be successful.”

Lasagna Ganja drops weekly on Thursdays with episodes available on the DCP website, Spotify, Youtube, and anywhere else you get your podcasts. The pipeline is full of far more guests to come, including cannabis CEOs, activists, musicians—but everyone is high profile.


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