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Would You Try THC-Infused Lube During Sex?


thc infused lube

Sex lubricants, popularly called lubes, are often associated with vaginal or anal dryness. Lubes help lovers adhere to the sex rule, which states that the wetter the members are, the more pleasurable the activity is. The logic of using lubes has been effective since it was first developed. As expected, innovators in the sex industry have developed more ways to diversify the production of lubes for more satisfaction and mind-blowing frictionless orgasms for lovers. One of the rising lube products at the moment is cannabis lubricants.

Cannabis lubricants are made from CBD or THC materials. Many people doubt the existence of these products and their effectiveness in making orgasms feel amazing. Regular users of these lubes describe them as “magical concoctions.”


THC Lubes

THC lubes are produced from the psychoactive cannabis substance THC. They deliver varying degrees of highs.

There are so many misconceptions about THC lubes. Typical questions asked whether or not it can make the users high or result in positive drug tests. On its own, THC has varying effects on its users depending on the amount of THC used and the user’s tolerance levels. Different studies have been conducted to develop an accurate and comprehensive report about how weed lube works and the effects it induces in the body.


Effects of THC Lube

As mentioned earlier, the effects of THC lube vary from person to person. The type of product used and the amount applied also play an important role. THC lubes do not deliver psychoactive highs directly. Instead, they make the users feel relaxed with a higher level of sensitivity in their sensual spots. It takes about twenty to twenty-five minutes for the effects to set in, and when they do, you can expect stronger and more intense arousal. With THC lubricants, you are often assured of longer and multiple orgasms.

The effects that come with THC lubes are mildly psychoactive. This feeling is nothing compared to the high felt from smoking cannabis flowers or ingesting other forms of cannabis products. It is merely a little bit of high that wouldn’t leave the user couch-locked, cotton-mouthed, or craving munchies. Less than 3% of THC lube users experience the psychoactive high, but every user experiences intense arousal.

CBD-based lube does not have any psychoactive effect on any of its users. Only a few users with non-existing tolerance for trace amounts of THC feel slightly different when using this product.

Although most cannabis lubes are not produced for oral consumption, you must note that if you ingest this product, you’d most definitely get high. This was discovered when a misguided cannabis lover erroneously consumed an entire tube of weed lube. Remember the saying, “curiosity killed the cat?”? Well, this cat didn’t die, but he sure assumed he did when he remained high for about three days after consuming the entire bottle. For this reason, it is not advisable to practice oral sex after applying cannabis lube. In unusual cases where this is still practiced, the person giving the oral sex must be aware. You can always have oral sex before applying the lube.

However, you can eat your cake (smiles) and have it if your cannabis lube is coconut-based. If applied in the correct quantity, you and yours would have a sexy time.


How to Apply THC Lube

THC lube is applied on the vulva and inside the vagina. People into anal sex use the lube within and around the anus. Once applied, you wait for 20 minutes for the THC material to be broken down into the bloodstream.

Cannabis lubes work like edibles. You cannot expect to see fireworks immediately after they are lit. Instead, you and your lover could use the waiting time to carry out foreplay activities like kissing or fondling till your body processes the ingredients. If you plan to masturbate, apply the lube, put on some clothes, or jump under the duvet. Watch a short sexy video or read a sexy story. You could even have some much-needed personal time.

Once the effects settle in, the show can begin.


Comparing CBD and THC Lubes

THC lubes contain a mixture of THC and CBD, but the THC is higher. On the other hand, CBD lube contains only CBD. THC and CBD are two unique chemicals with differing effects on the body. THC lubes have more distinct physiological effects that make the organisms more intense. With CBD lube, you’ll be able to let go of anxiety and stress long enough to enjoy the wondrous activity with your lover or toy. People with painful sex experiences benefit a lot from applying CBD lube. They learn to appreciate good sex without getting baked.


THC Lubes and Condoms

Water-based THC lubes are the best fit for latex protection like condoms. This is because they can not degrade or break down the latex materials. On the other hand, coconut-based THC lube must not be applied if a condom is used. Coconut-based lubes often cause breaks in the condom, exposing both lovers to STIs and pregnancies.

To confirm the type of lube you purchased, you can either check the labels on the product or ask the store owner or company representative to be certain.


Important Details To Note

THC lube cannot be used on penises. It won’t work. The penis’ skin is less absorbent than the vulva or vagina. However, it can be put into the male’s anus for anal sex. THC lubes will indicate trace amounts of THC in cannabis drug tests. All topical cannabis products contain less THC than other cannabis products, and minimal THC enters the bloodstream.

There is little information to directly show that THC lubes have adverse effects on pregnant women and babies. To be on the safe side, it wouldn’t hurt to abstain from using these products until the babies are born and weaned.


Bottom Line

THC lube is not a bad idea, especially when the females are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Dozens of dispensaries sell trustworthy cannabis lubes in legal cannabis states. Protect your vulva, vagina, and anus by purchasing these products from tested and tried sources. Using weed lube is always worth it for people who enjoy sex. Switch up your pleasure routine by trying it out soon.









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