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World Class Health : CBD Products Review

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Today I review the World Class Health CBD Products! I review the pain balm, freeze gel, bath bomb, tincture, and the vape juice. Alot of this stuff you have be educated and familiar with CBD on. What is CBD? How does it work? These are questions everyone have right now and rightfully so! Be educated before you put something in your body!

For the most part, I like the freeze gel and the pain balm. The pain balm really surprised me since from a pharmaceutical standpoint, it doesn’t have menthol or camphor (which are usually found in these type of products). As a marathon runner, I found relief using these products on my muscles and joints.

I’m not a big tincture fan. I’ve used alot of them but haven’t really seen the benefits. But this tincture is flavored well so for anyone who swears by the tinctures, they may really enjoy this.

I don’t vape so the vape juice wasn’t something I sampled but anyone else have thoughts on it that they could add to this?

Hope this helps everyone! I try to bring a pharmaceutical approach to these retail products so it helps you decide which products you should try and not try.


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