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Wiz Khalifa’s Khalifa Kush weed strain review 2022


California’s crowds of fashion-forward OG Kush lovers will only need a tiny nug of multi-platinum rapper Wiz Khalifa’s designer indica hybrid “Khalifa Kush” to be nodding their heads in approval, humming, ‘so what we get druuunk, so what we smoke weeed.’

Launched in the legal market on January 28 exclusively at Cookies retail locations—KK is small-batch, indoor excellence at top-shelf prices. The $50 eighth flowers and pre-rolls will draw haters by nature, but Wiz stays untouchable. His signature heavy-hitter OG speaks for itself, but here’s a fair warning for the hard heads: This one-hitter-quitter packs enough punch to put any heavyweight down for the count.

A fat green icy and orange Khalifa Kush nug in 2022. (David Downs/Leafly)
Khalifa Kush 2022 slaps. (David Downs/Leafly)

Khalifa Kush flower review

We cracked an eighth jar of KK from Berners on Haight Thursday and got a soft lemon, pine, OG fuel nose that zapped us back to the 2016 medical California market.

KK is the exact same, pure, cut of OG Kush hybrid Wiz brought to the Cali market back in the Before Times. Today it’s been tissue-cultured by Node Labs, craft-grown at scale by FloraCal Farms, and distributed by Continuum. Our fresh jar had packaging dates in January, from a December harvest. Huge—given how old stuff on shelves has gotten.

Other quality features:

  • big, green and yellow nugs trimmed up tight but not nicked.
  • a plump, dense and icy look.
  • A dry and cure that maximized test scores without zapping all the terps.
Fresh from FloraCal for winter—Khalifa Kush 2022 jars. (David Downs/Leafly)
Fresh from FloraCal for winter—Khalifa Kush 2022 jars. (David Downs/Leafly)

The 3.5-gram eighth clocked in at 27.69% THC—signifying kinetic, intense effects.

“It slapped me hard,” said one reviewer.

The smell got fuller as it warmed up and in the grinder: sweet, gassy, spicy, earthy, dank.

Wiz Khalifa’s cannabis experience

Now, it’s California in 2022, and ‘rapper weed’ can be a pejorative. But it’s hard to argue with Wiz’s credibility, or wish him anything but success.

The Pittsburgh rapper started at 12, and fell in love with Cali weed on tour. Berner helped teach him exotics, made him a strain tester, locked in the KK, and together they launched it like a fashion line five, ancient years ago. That TGOD Mafia record slaps. “See You Again” is 11X platinum with 1.3 billion plays on Spotify.

When legalization hit in 2018, the team didn’t rush or cut corners. They’ve executed well at the top end of a volatile market. You can almost hear Wiz’s trademark laugh ha-ha-ha when the debit card machine reads $75 with tax out the door in The City.


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The Khalifa Kush experience

We used a Mobius NUC bubbler with fresh water for best enjoying the lemony, piney taste and THC punch. There’s 2022 flavors like, say Sense’s Pink Certz (The Menthol x Grape Gasoline) that are more novel—but the power in KK is not debatable. Khalifa knows his customer: they stay higher than pigeon feet.

After one hit, I jumped up, yawned, got tingly and cool with sweaty hands, and had a nostalgic flash of paranoia and dry mouth. This particular terp and THC mix is so strong it punched completely through other highs. It’s a potential one-hitter quitter, so everyone, ski within your limits this winter.

“I was conscious but you would think I wasn’t by looking at me,” said one reviewer, who overshot the mark.

Gentle hand-trimming leaves potent resin glands intact. Khalifa Kush under the microscope. (David Downs/Leafly)
Gentle hand-trimming leaves potent resin glands intact. KK looking cray-cray. (David Downs/Leafly)

Reviewers use that effect for stress, depression, sleep, or pain. On the wellness and creative side, KK’s great for blasting rap, and getting creative, reviewers have said. Moods lift, inhibitions ease, new connections emerge, and time moves different.

This year, Wiz and crew bring KK to Nevada, Arizona, and Utah as well. New strains seem like a near-certainty.

For sure, there’s literal tons of great pot at lower prices in California. Whole new lanes have opened up.

But for those that want to ball out like their icons, the return of authentic Khalifa Kush is on-point.

Gentle hand-trimming leaves potent resin glands intact. Khalifa Kush under the microscope. (David Downs/Leafly)
Don’t bring your baby lungs to a KK sesh. (David Downs/Leafly)

Khalifa Kush FAQ

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