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Winter is Coming – How to Store Your Stash for the Cold, Dry Winter Months Ahead


winter marijuana storage tips

Winter is fast approaching!

It would be a downright shame to lose most, if not all, of the cannabis buds saved for winter to the harsh weather conditions during this period. The need to preserve your buds is essential to maintaining the quality of your buds.

Your method of preservation will determine just how fresh and fragrant your buds would be after winter.

Before the arrival of the first frost, you ought to have made provisions to keep your buds free from spoilage and deterioration. To be candid, all your cannabis buds ought to be preserved as best as possible immediately after they are purchased, regardless of the time of the year. If you purchase your products in bulk and you have a track of taking your time while getting through your supply, you need to be intentional about maintaining the potency of your purchased strains.

When winter months and the extreme weather set in, your optimally cured cannabis will turn brown and crumbly if they are not properly stored. These random brown patches could be a sign of mold, while the crumbly appearance indicates that the buds have lost their structural integrity. Cannabis buds that have gone brown have lost their overall potency and should be thrown out.


Why is the storage of cannabis vital?

Proper storage of cannabis buds is essential to preserve the buds and also guarantee that the user’s health is not compromised.

The greatest threat to the storage life of cannabis is moisture. Cannabis buds with a high amount of moisture can pose a serious risk to the health of the user because moisture encourages the outgrowth of mildew and molds.

In 2018, The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) released a standard specification for moisture content in cured cannabis flowers. According to the ATSM, a relative humidity that is equal to or higher than 65% can increase the moisture in your cannabis, hence increasing the probability of mold or mildew appearing. The humidity in a container can influence the water activity of the stored cannabis.


Purchasing your cannabis from the right source

This is the first step used to determine the shelf life of your cannabis buds. The source of your cannabis buds can make or mar your storage techniques. The processing method also matters. This is why it is always advisable to purchase cannabis flowers at respected or licensed cannabis stores.Experienced cannabis farmers know that how their cannabis is cured determines just how well it can be preserved. When cannabis is properly dried and cured, storage is secondary but very important. If you are a cannabis farmer, buying quality seeds or stem cuts at the start of the planting operations is just as important as storing the buds after harvest

The objective of cannabis preservation is to maintain the balance obtained after drying and curing.


Factors to consider when purchasing a container

One of the most important factors that affect cannabis potency is its exposure to UV Light. These rays are the number one destroyer of cannabis buds. This is why you must store your cannabis in an appropriate container. Direct and Indirect light can cause cannabis buds to lose their potency and also reduce their longevity.

Some of the factors to consider when selecting a container to store your cannabis includes light, temperature, oxygen, and humidity.  All these parameters can destroy the balance in the cannabis buds, they can also alter the taste, appearance, aroma, and potency of the buds. To prevent all these from messing with the buds, the chosen container must be airtight.

Purchasing a container with a secure seal will go a long way in preventing unwanted oxygen and humidity from entering.

The material used in producing the container also matters. For buds purchased in small quantities, you can purchase a plastic container. However, winter isn’t a short period. If you would be preserving your cannabis all through the winter season, it is advisable to not purchase plastic containers.

When used for a long period, plastic constraints tend to release air. This leak also causes some of the chemical properties of the materials to escape and mix with the cannabis buds. The taste and flavor of the buds can be altered by this. Not to mention that plastic materials tend to sweat within the bags or containers, causing an increase in the relative humidity within the container. All these can cause a deterioration in the quality of the buds.

The right container to purchase is an airtight glass jar. Mason jars are the most ideal in this case. They are cheap, glass airtight jars that can never appear out of place in a home. They also protect the content from UV light, as they have been produced in dark-colored and opaque varieties.


The Ideal Storage Location For Your Cannabis

Now that you know the right container to store your cannabis in, you have to consider the right location to store it. Winter is a very cold period, and one thing about cannabis is that it does not like extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold). Any temperature above 78°F or less than 0°F will cause a significant potency deterioration.

Storing your weed in the freezer is a very bad idea. The extreme cold condition will dehydrate the cannabis and cause the trichomes to be severed. The best place to keep the glass jar containing your cannabis buds is in a dark spot with a temperature ranging between 60 to 70° F.


Bottom Line

As Fall draws to an end, the days will become shorter and the air will get colder.  Do not wait until winter is here before you make efforts to preserve your cannabis buds. To keep your cannabis in tiptop shape, while minimizing its exposure to UV light, humidity, oxygen, and extreme temperature, you have to follow the tips given in this post.

Make sure you buy your buds from a trusted source, transfer them into an airtight glass jar, and then find a cool and dark spot in your home to place the jar. Doing all this will secure your buds’ potency, as well as its vibrant and delightful flavors.









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