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Why you should start growing your own cannabis with Homegrown Cannabis Co.


From saving money to countless more cultivars to quality control, it pays in more ways than one to take the step from smoker to grower.

Psssst, you. Yes, you, ya big cannabis lover. We have an idea for you. Have you ever considered growing your own? Before you balk and show us your black thumb, hear us out. First off, it’s not rocket science—it’s called weed for a reason! We get that it can seem mysterious, but we’re passionate about inspiring around all-things cannabis, and that includes empowering you to become your own cultivator. Growing has come a long way since the days of limited access to seeds or quality how-to resources. Look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co. to find a most-excellent partner in every step of the journey.

Sure, you can get your seeds from Homegrown—and they’ve got them all, from regular, feminized, autoflowering, high CBD, and more—but they go so far beyond a seed shop. The company prides itself on helping growers, from extreme beginner to seasoned pro, to find success in their cannabis cultivation.

Homegrown Cannabis Co.
Kyle Kushman inspecting a Homegrown Cannabis Co. feminized cannabis seed. Courtesy of Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown understands that some of the key early factors that prevent new growers from starting or feeling confident in the growing process are germination failure and the fact that many seeds are traditionally produced & shipped from Europe. Homegrown helps avoid these blockers by having an operation vertically integrated and based in the US and by offering resources like their seed germination guide.


It takes a village to start a home cannabis grow

The company taps talent from the best of the best, including a masterclass in indoor cultivation from the legendary Kyle Kushman. The iconic Swami Chaitanya’s writes about the power of harnessing mother nature with outdoor growing. You can even get involved in advocacy projects by learning right from Steve DeAngelo, entrepreneur, author, activist, and founder of the Last Prisoner Project and Radio Free Cannabis.

Not sure where to get started? Try their quick quiz designed help you find the best cultivars to suit your needs from both a growing and consuming perspective.

Homegrown Cannabis Co.
Steve DeAngelo with a bud of his Homegrown Alien OG. Courtesy of Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Good for your bottom line

Need some convincing to take the leap into growing your own cannabis from home? Let’s talk money savings. You can expect to pay anything from $200-$400 for an ounce of Runtz at a dispensary. Seeds of the same cultivar, on the other hand, will cost you an average of $12.87, and you can expect that each seed will grow approximately 18 ounces of weed. Grow six in a small indoor grow and you’ve just yielded over 100 ounces of weed. Homegrown has a big focus on inexpensive seed options. Plus, you can peruse their BOGO offers and score seeds for even cheaper. Sure, you’ll need to invest in your setup (it can be simple, we promise), electricity, water, and some nutrients, but still—that discrepancy between dispensary bought and home grown is nothing short of mind-boggling.

Homegrown Cannabis Co.
Kyle Kushman with a bud cultivated at the Homegrown Garden. Courtesy of Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Taste a rainbow of cultivars

Cost is just one of the reasons to grow your own. It might come as a surprise that growing your own can be a fantastic way to try cultivars that aren’t even available at the dispensary. Some will take years to find their way to retail, while others are developed specifically for the homegrower. Fantastic examples within Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s collection include Baked Apple, Cold War Kush, Phantom Menace, and Caffeine Bomb. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

Large and in charge

It should also be stressed that when you’re in control of the grow, you are also in charge of all quality control and are armed with knowing exactly what’s going into your plants. In fact, a recent Homegrown Cannabis Co. survey revealed that the most popular reason people grow from home—above cost and choice—is a desire to know exactly what’s in your weed. When you’re the boss, you choose all the inputs, including organic nutrients, and you get to implement all your own best practices. And if you need any guidance along the way, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has countless online resources for learning how to grow weed by Kyle Kushman and other experts.

Homegrown Cannabis Co.
Parker Curtis and Kyle Kushman inspecting kolas at the Homegrown Garden. Courtesy of Homegrown Cannabis Co.

An amazing new adventure

Beyond all the practical reasons we’ve listed above, growing plants is just fun! Especially when it’s one that grows fast, smells amazing, and gets you high. Don’t be surprised when homegrowing becomes your newest obsession.

In addition to the benefits of cultivating your own garden, growing cannabis can be a great way to build community with other cultivators. To help you connect to others, Homegrown has a robust set of forums where beginner and seasoned gardeners alike can come together, talk shop, and trade tips. Some of the specific forums include a beginners-only section, indoor and outdoor-specific setups, aquaponics, soil-building, and medical use. You can even access live sessions to ask Kyle Kushman your own questions (as well as watch previous sessions). As Steve DeAngelo says, “The best cannabis is the cannabis you grow yourself.”


Homegrown Cannabis Co. makes sure no one grows alone

Your next adventure awaits! Visit Homegrown Cannabis Co. to buy some seeds and get started.

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