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Why Weed makes food and sex better – Latest Cannabis News Today


Everything is better when you’re high! But have you ever stopped to wonder why? I mean, aside from the obvious answer of, well you’re phucking high, so everything’s great?

Food is better with weed, sex is better with weed and life, in general, is just better with weed. This isn’t just a stoner concept either. Believe it or not, there’s actual science to support this.

In general, weed makes people happy. Whether you use weed to find relief from a medical ailment or whether you use it just to get high, we all utilize cannabis to feel better. Naturally with that in mind, you can see how things that we enjoy every day such as food or sex (well, some of us enjoy sex every day) would be way better with weed. Aside from that simple fact, the consumption of cannabis is known to increase dopamine in the brain as well as allow the body to naturally produce more anandamide which is known as the Bliss Molecule. Both of which contribute to a happier healthier self.

Now that we can all agree that life is better when you’re high let’s look at the science of why. Specifically, let’s look at why sex and weed are better with weed. First let’s take a look at why food is better when you are elevated on some ganja!

Weed Makes Food Better – Some of the Science Behind It

Weed makes you want junk food. Science says this is true. Not so much that weed made makes you want to grab quick and easy foods because you’re demotivated but because THC activates receptors in the endocannabinoid system located throughout the body including in the brain, gut, and tongue which all play a part in regulating aspects such as pleasure mood and memory. When those receptors are activated so is your sense of smell. According to a study released in the journal Nature Neuroscience back in 2014, THC when induced into mice brains resulted in a heightened sense of smell which is directly linked to taste and flavour.

Another study conducted by scientist Nicholas DiPatrizio at the University of California at Riverside concluded that when cannabinoids activate receptors in the brain’s parabrachial nucleus it causes an increase in the desire for fatty and sugary foods. This is because the ventral striatum in this area is vital to assigning hedonic value to foods.

In simple terms, when you smoke weed or consume cannabis and THC activates receptors in this specific part of your brain, it makes you crave and desire fatty and sugary foods, thus weed makes you enjoy junk food. Junk food isn’t the only food though that tastes better when you are elevated though- just ask anyone who has ever eaten anything while high!

So, what about life’s second most indulged in pleasure?

Why is Sex Better with Weed?

Sex is about pleasure. Pleasure through touch. Pleasure through smell. Pleasure through taste. These are three of the things that are enhanced when cannabis is consumed and reaches the thousands of cannabinoid receptors throughout the brain, skin, and other organs in the body. As you can imagine, with an increased sense of smell, taste, and touch, sex on weed is even much better.

The science behind it all comes in many forms. Cannabis has the ability to decrease anxiety, which helps to lighten the mood. Cannabis also is thought to be able to help sexual dysfunctions which well, you can imagine that would cause some issues. Weed also, of course, increases the level of dopamine released in the brain which attributes to a more pleasurable state of being.

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