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Why This 420 (April 20th) is the Most Important One Ever! Spark One Up for Freedom!


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Ganja Theories: Why celebrating 420 is more important than ever!

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420 is upon us and while it is no longer an event of protest – considering that many places around the world has legalized – I still believe that this year 420 is important for many other reasons.

For those who don’t know what 420 is all about…it’s essentially the day stoners decided to get together and celebrate the act of “toking up”. For years, 420 has been seen as an “act of rebellion” and a public way of “sticking it to the man”.

However, these days “the man” is taxing the reefer and as a result the protest element significantly dwindled due to the legality of the substance in many places. This doesn’t mean that the celebration is pointless. On the contrary, considering that we’re on the tail-end of a global “shamdemic” – especially since we’re seeing more evidence of artificial tampering with viruses, suppression of information from the Pfizer documents, and of course the media narrative and forced censorship of opposition – 420 as a celebration of Freedom is still a revolutionary thought.

In today’s article we’ll be taking a closer look at why 420 is still an important celebration and why stepping out, getting together and sparking one up is “necessary” in today’s world.

Sit back, relax – let’s take it deeper!

The Historic Meaning of 420

There are many different origin stories for 420, but one of the more famous one is about a bunch of high schoolers that would use the number as a code for getting together and baking up. However, irrespective of where the event came – it is what it evolved into that is important.

While 420 is truly about coming together with a bunch of people and smoking weed in open defiance to the “rules” – it is also about reaffirming that we are free irrespective of the laws made by greedy politicians in back offices for corporate gain. It’s about demonstrating that no matter the consequences, there will always be a few brave souls who would continue to stand up against tyrannical laws.

Over the years, the event became more of a festival, where people would celebrate the culture of cannabis. Yet even in these festive moments, there would be some political element involved – where activists call out an overreaching government.

Where people recognize that if you aren’t free to do as you please to your own body – then you truly aren’t free.

420 is a celebration of liberty, free expression, inclusion, respect, and open defiance against systems and people who profiteer at the expense of others.

420 Today!

Today it seems that while cannabis is legalizing all over the world, there is a general tendency being observed where more governments are leaning more authoritarian in nature. In fact, the IFLA Trend report suggests that we are seeing an increase in government surveillance and individual censorship – tell tale signs of a budding authoritarian state.

In an interview with the Guardian in April 2012, ONI principal investigator and Director of Citzenlab Ronald Deibert said “…what we’ve found over the last decade is the spectrum of content that’s targeted for filtering has grown to include political content and security-related content, especially in authoritarian regimes. The scope and scale of content targeted for filtering has grown” (Guardian article, April 2012). – Source

Furthermore, we have had 2 years of government overreach in the form of mandates (which were declared unconstitutional but implemented anyway to force vaccination), social segregation…hell, the Prime Minister of Canada declared martial law on a bunch of protestors – and then proceeded to use the banks to seize their funds just by calling them “terrorists”. Interestingly, no one was charged – yet some are still some are only now getting their funds released.


It has emerged that the Canadian government froze about 210 bank accounts holding almost $7.8 million to put financial pressure on the ‘convoy occupation’ participants.

The freezing of the accounts was initiated through an Emergency Act invoked by prime minister Justin Trudeau, but the accounts are now being released to the owners, Canada’s CBC reports.

The unfreezing only affects protesters who have left the blockade area in downtown Ottawa. Source


In other words, the government flexed their powers, invoked special rules to break up a peaceful protest by holding private citizens’ money hostage until they did their bidding…if this isn’t any indication that YOU no longer own your own assets…then I’m pretty sure you are drinking a particular potent form of “Kool aid”.

Then there’s the whole Russia-Ukraine conflict which is so convoluted and manipulated by the media that it’s impossible to know what is what, who is lying, who’s the good guys and the bad guys.


HINT: They are all bad

We are in a situation where there is assault on individual liberty. Where corporate interests are placed above the needs of the individual and ultimately a power grab by money hungry politicians doing the bidding of private corporations.

While there are many different objectives from these special interests, there is one overlapping element that remains consistent within all factions of global control – obedience.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Big Corp or the government – they all want you to bend a knee, to be complacent and to follow the plan.

This is what the Communist Party of China said to the 28 million starving citizens in Shanghai that were singing songs of lamentations out of their windows via a drone, “Resist the soul’s urge to be free!”

Interestingly enough, Xi Jinping – an acolyte of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum – was cited by Justin Trudeau who is also an acolyte of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum – as “the right way to govern”.  Guess who was also an acolyte of the Schwab…Putin!

I’m not writing about all of these atrocious and highly related topics to scare you or to make you feel small, but rather to show you that there certainly are people out there that are aiming to keep you under their control.

I could write essays about the people at the World Economic Forum and old Schwabby – but that will be left for another day.

But how does this all relate back to weed?

The 420 Revolt!

The Ukraine-Russia conflict came right at the heels of Justin Trudeau’s Tyranny Debacle where the whole world began rallying with the Truckers who rightfully wanted their freedom of travel without the unnecessary quarantining or needing to show medical papers to travel.

The international conflict acted as a perfect distraction – however, people have already started losing interest. Especially since the double-standards are being exposed between the US (who have invaded countries all over the world for the past 50+ years) and Russia, who is no better than the US with their foreign policy.

There’s whispers of new lockdowns coming now as people lose their interest in the European conflict. And the Pfizer CEO is pushing for another round of boosters despite the inefficacy of the doses and potential risks to so many different age groups.

Why? Money!

This is why 420 is no longer just about smoking weed, but about remembering that we are free. We will stand up against tyrannical rules, we will disobey unjust laws. No longer must we submit to these pressures and only in solidarity with one another, will we be able to reclaim that which has been systematically stolen from us over the past few years.

You may not even smoke weed, but that’s okay. It’s the thought that counts, it’s the support for freedom, it’s about saying , “No More!”

420 should be marked as the special day for those who stand up against injustices, to those who are principled and can see beyond the veil of bullshit the media is peddling.

This 420, even if you’re smoking with a handful of stoners, take a moment to reflect on what you are doing, on how you are free to do so solely because millions of others continued to defy the system until it cracked and bled out.

Let 420 stand for freedom, let weed be its symbol!

You can try to cut the grass motherfuckers – but the weeds grow where lawnmower can’t reach! 






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