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Why are CBD Treats Safe for Your Cat?    

Why are CBD Treats Safe for Your Cat?    

CBD is a good neuroprotector. It is used to treat neurological disorders like epilepsy and seizures in animals. Pets love treats because they are designed to appeal to their sense of taste and smell.


But, many pet owners have a misunderstanding about cat CBD treats. They have doubts about their safety, efficacy, and purity. Here is some useful information that can help you understand why CBD treats are safe for your cat.


Understanding CBD


Delta Extrax

Many pet owners confuse marijuana with CBD. Marijuana has earned itself a bad name due to its strong psychotic properties. CBD is short for Cannabidiol which naturally exists in the hemp plant.


As per medical experts, THC causes high, especially when present in large quantities in the product. Though CBD contains THC, its concentration is dismally low – less than 0.3%. All this makes cat CBD treats safe for your cat.


What are CBD Treats Made of?


The main ingredient of CBD edibles is CBD oil. The edibles like treats are of three distinct types: isolates, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. Manufacturers offer CBD treats of flavors like sweet potato, chicken liver, turkey, and fish mix. Cats love meat, and they are more likely to enjoy these treats.


Small CBD Amount Per Serving


Most pet owners resist giving their pet CBD treats as they think it might lead to overdose, which can have ill effects on your pet’s health. However, manufacturers mention CBD per serving, ensuring you can control the amount given to your cat through proper dosage. For example, some treats contain 5 mg per serving.


Since the packaging mentions the total amount of CBD in the packet and mg per serving, you have complete control over the CBD dosage to your cat. If you follow the veterinarian doctor’s instructions about the right dosage, there is nothing to worry about when giving these treats to your cat.



Advanced Extraction Methods


The market is full of a variety of CBD treats for cats. But, not every product available in the market is high quality. One of the reasons that make these treats unsafe for your cat is the extraction process.


CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. The extraction method determines the purity and safety of the product. Low-cost extraction methods leave impurities and chemical residues in the end product that makes such CBD treats unsafe for your cat.


Reputed manufacturers use advanced extraction methods like steam distillation. Steam helps in separating cannabinoids from the raw hemp plant material. The resulting vapor of steam distillation is full of desirable compounds that offer several health benefits. To ensure CBD treats are safe for your cat, you need to understand the extraction methods used to manufacture the product.


High-Quality Hemp


The quality of the raw material also plays an important role in the safety of CBD products. Hemp is grown across the world. However, in many parts of the world, the cultivation of hemp is unregulated. The result is farmers follow wrong agricultural practices in hemp cultivation.


The hemp plant is a bioaccumulator. In simple words, it absorbs everything from the surrounding environment, including soil, air, and water. If the farmer uses harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers, the hemp plant is more likely to absorb and store it in its internal tissues. These harmful chemicals and pesticides get transported to end products making the CBD product unsafe.


If you are too concerned about your pet’s safety, you need to look for CBD treats made of organic hemp. The source of hemp is also an important factor. You can choose the treats that are made from US-grown hemp.


To sum up, CBD treats are safe for your cat, provided you focus on the important factors mentioned above while buying them.

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