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Who’s Hiring in the Weed Industry? The Top Cannabis Employers in America Right Now!


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As of 2021, the legal marijuana industry already employs around 321,000 people part time.


The data, taken from the 2021 Leafly Jobs Report produced together with Whitney Economics, gives hope to the thousands who have suffered from job loss and lay offs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The report states that job growth doubled in 2020, and only continues to grow. There is no doubt that the cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing in the country: it now employs more people than electrical engineers, paramedics, and dentists.


“There has been a seismic shift of workers from retail and restaurants to cannabis,” says Viridian Staffing chief executive of cannabis recruiting, Kara Bradford, to the Washington Post. “There is a sense that this is a booming industry that’s fun and interesting, with a lot of opportunities to move up quickly.”


She adds that the hourly rate in dispensaries ranges from $12 to $15, but the difference is that unlike in warehouse or retail jobs, entry-level employees can easily move up in a few months to take over specialized positions.


Aside from a great opportunity to learn and scale, cannabis employees can enjoy better work-life balance. The Great Resignation has been fueled by thousands of people who quit their jobs looking for better work-life balance, improved salaries, and the feeling of being valued in the workplace.


There are many other benefits to working in the cannabis industry: it provides stable employment for as long as you’re good at what you do, and there will always be lots of work to be done. The industry only continues to grow so cannabis jobs aren’t going to go anywhere. Additionally, the pandemic has proved that the cannabis industry is resistant to recessions, as authorities have deemed cannabis sales an essential service even where other shops and businesses were forced to shut down at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.


There are also so many career options from where you can pivot your career once you’re in the industry. There are so many ways to get your foot in, too. You can start as a budtender, and as soon as you get more valuable experience, can become a manager. Professionals with marketing experience can lend their skills to companies and products that are in need of it.


These are just some of the many reasons people are shifting to the industry.


Having said that, who are the top cannabis employers in the United States these days?


Mg Magazine has come up with a veritable list, so here are a few of them (in no particular order) that you may be interested to apply to:


Bloom Farms: Bloom Farms is a cannabis company based in San Francisco, known for their famous Highlighter Cannabis Vapor Pen. All their products are sustainably sourced and social good is a big part of the company culture: they even have a 1:1 program where they donate a healthy meal to an individual or family in need for every product sold.


3C Farms: If you are interested in expanding your horizons in the world of cannabis cultivation, 3C Farms is a company to look out for. They have created an impressive portfolio of strains that they have bred and grown themselves, though they specialize in small-batch indoor grows. They supply cannabis to Coast to Coast dispensaries and other licensed retailers in California.


Cova Software: Cannabis tech is a growing niche, and there are all kinds of unique opportunities here. Cannabis businesses face specific challenges when it comes to information technology, but Cova Software is among the leading companies that provide solutions in the form of point-of-sale interfaces. Their software has been designed to streamline operations and processes for retailers, and there are numerous employment opportunities for hard-working people.


Papa and Barkley: Renowned for being among California’s top wellness brands, Papa and Barkley has an extensive line of products including capsules, topicals, tinctures, and edibles. They’re a fantastic company to work for if you want to branch out to retail and product. Their premium hemp is grown by American farmers under the sun, using organic principles as well as regenerative processes so you’ll also learn valuable information on cultivation.


PAX Labs: PAX is a brand synonymous to vapes, having pioneered some of the most innovative and ground-breaking devices over the last few years. Their portable pens cater to recreational and medical consumers of various needs and preferences, using cutting-edge technology that enable you to smoke anytime, anywhere. Their line of vape pens can be used with wax, herbs, and oils. Considering that they are now a household name, years after launching their first vaporizer in 2012, they are certainly one of the most successful cannabis companies out there.


Vicente Sederberg LLP: For those who want to get a foot into cannabis law, there’s no bigger law firm than Vicente Sederbeg LLP. They have been making waves in this forefront since 2010, having helped with policy while assisting hemp and marijuana companies get further – responsibly. Their lawyers have also been recognized as among the nation’s top law practitioners and have won several awards through the years. In addition, they provide legal counseling for all kinds of cannabis businesses in cultivation, research, distribution, and agriculture.



For the complete list, click here.


These are just the tip of the iceberg: there are tons of excellent cannabis jobs out there that will make you look forward to work everyday.









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