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What’s up, Nipton? – The Next Weed Village of California


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As if there aren’t enough parts of California that are already completely dedicated to weed, American Green has made Nipton the next place to claim the title. These American investors apparently have no doubt in the future of the blossoming marijuana industry.

This strange little desert town in California has done nothing but attract treasure hunters in its very low-key history. It only became a village because people flocked there to collect gold during the gold rush. Nipton was founded in 1905 as the perfect place for mining gold, and basically nothing has happened until American Green declared it the perfect place to host ganja, too! It seems Nipton is full of all kinds of treasure.

For those who fear something of an invasion is taking place, never mind! The town of Nipton (on the last count in 2016), has a population of 6 people. This ghost town is basically uninhabited, and the residents of this place will be free to stay and enjoy the new attraction in their hometown.

The town of Nipton was purchased in the 80’s by a geologist from Los Angeles, who made the place solar-powered and eco-friendly. Most of the buildings there are fitted with solar panels and the cabins there are made of environmentally friendly materials. This all contributes to the future plans of this place, which is to be the first ‘energy independent cannabis friendly hospitality destination’. Last year it went up for sale, and American Green snagged it for $5 million. There will probably be another $2.5 million invested to build the project that is planned there.

Located in the desert near to the Nevada border, this place is about to become a green-haven for cannabis tourists. There will probably be nothing to do other than to enjoy the ganja farms, the local products and dispensaries, and of course enjoying stoned baths in the natural hot springs. Sounds like the perfect place to have a stoner get away, doesn’t it?

But wait, there’s more. Things are getting pretty extreme in the minds of those in charge of this project. The plan is to add CBD (marijuana’s non psychoactive constituent) to the water supply of this town, meaning that basically everyone who arrives is bound to be dosed. If you don’t want to be dosed while your friends get high, make sure to bring your own bottled water. However, Stephen Shearin, a consultant that is working with American Green says that ‘the [idea] here isn’t to create Woodstock 2017. It’s about creating an environment where people come to work and share in a community.’

Well, this town is probably going to fit perfectly in California. Trimmers who will be looking for some respite after the season will probably find themselves in Nipton, with a luscious bud waiting for them on their pillows!


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