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What Method of Smoking Weed Gets You the Highest, or Is There One?


best way to smoke weed

Do you ever ask yourself if you’re smoking weed the right way? Or do you have a favorite way of smoking pot but you have that nagging feeling that you’re not doing it the right way?  It’s not just you. Everyone cannot have the same ‘best’ way of smoking cannabis. Your best high may not be the same as mine.

The goal of many recreational marijuana users is to get high the best way possible, and when high, they aim to get the highest. The more they find themselves rolling or inhaling smoke from their delivery devices, the more doubt they’ll have.

What some fail to understand is that the quality of a high is not only dependent on the smoking method. The THC content of the buds also plays a huge role. You can practice smoking your weed the way fellow stoners prescribed and still wouldn’t get that satisfying high because you’re smoking something lesser. To satisfy customers, different companies make ads that allege that their new products are the next best delivery methods for smoking pot.


Experimenting To Discover Your Best Method Of Smoking Weed

The best way to go about the mighty task of figuring out what’s best for you is to experiment. There are many ways to smoke pot and you only have to try out some, if not all to discover which method gives you the kick you desire so much. A few dollars is all you need to purchase some weed and visit a cannabis bar to try out the delivery equipment. If you can afford to buy out the equipment instead of renting at these consumption spaces, it would also work.

As I mentioned earlier, nothing about cannabis or even the world generally works the same way for everyone. The same hit won’t deliver the same intensity in everyone that uses it.


What does your weed’s THC percentage say about your high

The highest THC recorded for a  concentrated marijuana or cannabis plant is roughly capped at 30 percent. Weed with this THC content is considered to be a sky-high level. Although it is tempting, not everyone can handle the high. By experimenting, you get to figure out how much THC you enjoy ingesting. It opens the door to new experiences that you can try out in creative ways that are guaranteed to give you fun.


Measuring THC

THC levels are measured in mg and percentage. Percentage lets you know how much THC is contained in the bud, while mg lets you know how much THC is contained in extracts and concentrates. A milligram is a form of measurement that pays attention to the weight of the product. There’s a lot of maths involved in this, and I have no intention to bore you in the slightest.

Let’s focus more on smoking good weed and the best methods to get the most out of each drag, shall we?


Smoking Weed

Critics often claim that Stoners miss out on a lot of highs when they smoke a blunt. But remember, what works for Jack, may not work for John. Before smoking, there’s this exciting thrill and nostalgia that comes along with grinding a premium bud and then rolling the joints, or packing a bowl. Not to mention the fun that comes along with passing the smoke when amid buddies.


Smoking Methods and the level of highness expected


Depending on the content of THC in the rolled buds in the joint, you can expect to receive about 35% of the flower’s total THC. The missing THC accounts for losses due to pyrolytic destruction and sidestream smoke.

Pyrolysis is what happens when a bud is too hot from being inflamed, some of the available cannabinoids are destroyed by the extreme temperature. Some THC is also lost when you pause dragging. You could also expect the level of expected high to reduce when you share your joint with another person.


Packing A Bowl

When bowls are smoked, pyrolytic destruction also occurs. This is because you are holding an open torch to the packed buds throughout the session. You receive about 40% of THC. The more it takes for you to smoke all, the less THC that will be received into the body. Sidestreaming can also result in THC losses.


Hash Bowls

This is similar to smoking a bowl. Hash can more or less be likened to processed and pressed kief. The distinction is that hash is produced from the trichomes of the plant (not the buds). Trichomes possess twice the amount of THC contained in the plant and are twice as potent as the regular buds processed into pre-rolls. As expected, at least 50% of the THC is lost to pyrolysis and sidestream. Regardless of this, it can be considered as smoking concentrates.



Expert stoners consider vaporizers to be the most accurate form of smoking pot. Note that vaporizers are not the same as regular oil vapes. These use a more controlled heating source to bring the weed to the right temperature that would conserve THC and prevent too much loss. Unlike the other methods of smoking, vaporizers have a lesser THC loss. This falls between 25-30%.

All smoking methods will inevitably cause a loss in available THC content, but for vaporizers, loss only occurs at the endpoint when the buds begin to dry and burn.



These devices will give you a cool and smooth smoke. About 50% of the THC will be lost regardless. Due to its heating source, THC loss occurs at temperatures above 390°F. At this temperature, the THC is released and damaged.



There’s no standard method for getting high. You can only experiment to get your preferred technique. Blunts, bowls, joints, hash, and bongs are cost-effective methods that can be shared among buddies, while vaporizers are reliable devices that help you preserve your THC. Another thing you must do is to find a reputable distributor. This way you’re assured that all your products are of premium quality. If you decide to change your smoking methods because you feel you’re not high enough, you might not experience any difference if you do not confirm the quality of your product.









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