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What is Naturopathy and Why is CBD Becoming a Bigger Part of It?


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As we have even more evidence that how we used to live over the last few decades was killing us, more and more people are seeking alternative ways of living.


This means a lifestyle free from stress, hormone-injected food, pesticide-laden vegetables, alcohol, and more. For a while it was blissful to be ignorant, until we saw with our very eyes the harms that this kind of living was doing to ourselves, and to our planet.


Enter naturopathy, a more holistic approach to wellness and living. It’s one of the ‘alternative’ bodies of medicine and food, if you will, though it makes a lot of sense.


Foundations of Naturopathy

Naturopathy encourages individuals to take charge of their own health and maximize the body’s power to heal itself in the event of any illness. There are many modalities of therapy that are used in naturopathy especially the following:


Fasting: Fasting is important for naturopathy because it prevents the body from accumulating toxins, while helping the body and mind get rid of disorders. It also helps in resting the digestive system.


Massage therapy: Massages are vital for naturopathy because it is believed that by strategic manipulation of the body’s organs, blood circulation and immunity is improved. In Indian naturopathy, it is believed that going for a sun bathe after a massage provides a range of health benefits.


Hydrotherapy: Water is an important element for naturopathy; it has been believed since ancient times that clean and fresh water is significant for health preservation while also treating numerous types of diseases.


Other important elements of naturopathy include acupressure, acupuncture, air therapy, mud therapy, chromotherapy,  botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, clinical nutrition, and maximizing time in nature. The main goal of using naturopathy in modern day is to fill the gaps in conventional medicine; instead of addressing health problems as they happen by going to the hospital, it seeks to promote overall health and balance with the right lifestyle and food while preventing disease.


Using plants and herbs in particular is an integral part of naturopathy. Herbal and plant medicine have been around since ancient times, and it’s still very much alive today. Some of the common medicinal plants that are used include ginger, turmeric, neem, garlic, echinacea, chamomile, calendula, holy basil, and so much more. Given this, it’s no surprise why cannabis and hemp are also considered essential in naturopathy.


Is CBD Naturopathic?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant.


It is botanical medicine, which is why CBD has numerous naturopathic followers. Using CBD oil gives a safe, effective, and all-natural way to stay healthy, prevent illness, and treat conditions without all the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.


Over the last few years, CBD has exploded in the mainstream market, attracting people who are seeking natural forms of medication because we are all sick, many of us literally, of chemical and pharmaceutical drugs. Pure, high-quality CBD oil does work in naturopathic medicine since it’s derived from the hemp plant, and it can evoke a sense of tranquility while medicating you from deep within.


One of its most widely documented benefits is for treating epilepsy, even treatment-resistant pediatric epilepsy, and anxiety. The studies have produced satisfying results which is why people feel confident to self-medicate with CBD. You can turn to CBD as a treatment for insomnia, stress, inflammation, and even pain. CBD works with our endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating a number of vital processes that affect our metabolism, sleep, inflammation, brain health, and so much more.


Naturopathic Doctors

Naturopathic doctors are an excellent source of information on CBD, and how best to integrate it with your lifestyle based on your needs and preferences. They have special training and knowledge on how herbs work, including cannabis and hemp, so seeing one for an evaluation can be a great starting point for those who want to learn more and try to live longer!


In addition, they can also provide guidance on the best quality CBD brands and products out there. It saves you the guesswork of having to shop for CBD products on your own, and there are so many out there it can get overwhelming.


Make sure that you only work with licensed and qualified naturopaths before you get started.


Keep In Mind

Some naturopathic doctors recommend using whole-plant medicine, and in some cases this may include THC. This is because some naturopathic practitioners believe that isolating a plant compound makes it less safe or less effective as compared to using the entire plant. Additionally, herbal medicine states that the whole plant is always greater than each of its parts.


If you are interested in trying CBD only, let your naturopathic doctor know that you are not keen in experiencing cannabis’ psychoactive benefits.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is even more critical to be wary of the type of CBD you are consuming. Many illicit CBD products are made with impure ingredients, so it’s important to buy CBD products from trusted brands. You also have to be careful if you are already taking medications; it’s best to safely wean off them first under the guidance of your doctor or naturopath, before you take CBD because it can have serious interactions.

Last but not least, if you think that you are sick, don’t self-medicate or self-diagnose. Always take your natural medications with the guidance of a qualified practitioner.






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