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What is Delta 8 & What It Means to Cannabis


Delta-8 has been making headlines as the most explorative strain of all cannabinoids. As research continues on the medical benefits of cannabis, distributors and shop owners are noticing their products containing delta-8 are selling out fast for its potent effects and fast-acting relief. For some, this might be the future of cannabis but what exactly is delta-8 and why is it such a huge hit now?

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant. However, out of the hundreds of cannabinoids contained in one plant, only small amounts of delta-8 are found. This means that as a result, products that contain concentrated amounts of delta-8 are largely manufactured. It also means that cannabis products containing this ingredient may not be as holistic as some consumers would prefer. Dr. Bao Le, CEO of, has seen the rise of delta-8 in the way consumers have taken interest in it: “In the past 2 years, the popularity of Delta-8 products has surged into the hemp market. It is especially popular in states where cannabis is not recreationally legal, which has driven Delta 8 products to be legal substitutes to weed.”

Why is delta-8 important to know? 

As Delta-8 gains in popularity, medical professionals are taking precautions on the psychedelic effects and whether this strain of cannabis would be good or bad for the industry. And although delta-8 has not been approved by the FDA, delta-8 products are sold over the counter in numerous public places like gas stations and convenience stores.

With the risk of delta-8 containing harmful chemicals, the usage of these products can change people’s perception of cannabis. Yet with delta-8 becoming the new cannabis trend, companies are manufacturing products at a rapid pace to compete with the mass market. And while it’s important for cannabis users to do their research, this delta-8 wave can in some ways raise concern for the future of cannabis.

What are some important factors to consider when using delta-8 cannabis?

One of the most important factors to know is the side effects. Products containing delta-8 THC have been known to cause nausea, drowsiness, numbness, and anxiety. “The effect is psychoactive and needs to be treated as cannabis,” says Dr. Le. “Since it is a new compound introduced as a legal hemp ingredient, brands and manufacturers have the responsibility to educate buyers about the effects, potency, and ingredients that are in their products.”

Another factor to consider is making sure you purchase delta-8 products from a reputable company. Brands like Area 52 and Finest Labs have been dubbed the best for delta-8 products.

Also know that delta-8 is a form of THC that can show up in commercial urine drug tests. So, make sure you check your work policy on drug screenings or if you are looking to apply for a new job, it’s best to avoid delta-8 products.  

Will Delta 8 create massive income and a motion towards legalization?

Only time will tell. Since there’s still research being done on the effects of delta-8, users who already incorporated it have stated it’s helped increase appetite, ease pain relief, and boost mental health. Cannabis users have seen the positive effects of delta-8 products and continue to sing its praises. Yet nothing is certain until more research is done. Until then, make sure you do your research and try the best delta-8 products if you’re up for the experience.


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