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What Does It Mean if Your Weed is Sticky?


sticky cannabis buds

For people who are new to smoking cannabis flower, you may notice that some weed you come across feels sticky.


Sometimes referred to as “sticky icky”, a slang phrase for cannabis flowers whose resins in the trichomes are still so sticky to the touch, this weed may freak newbies out in the beginning.


But we’re here to tell you that it’s not the case. It’s actually a good thing!


About Sticky Weed


Seasoned cannabis enthusiasts tend to get excited when their weed is sticky.

That’s because sticky bud is a good indication that the flower is fresh and potent. The stickiness is a result of the trichomes, which are tiny hair-like structures on the top of the plant, though most commonly found in cannabis. But trichomes also play an important role: this is where the resin is stored, which is similar to the sap of a tree.

The resin is what contains the concentration of the cannabinoids of marijuana, including THC and CBD as well as CBN, CBG, and many more. This is why sticky weed is associated with higher THC levels especially when you store it properly. The presence of resins and trichomes also mean that it has a more complete terpene profile, giving you more flavor out of your smoke. Smoking sticky buds of virtually any cannabis strain can help ensure that you are getting


On the other hand, weed that is dry means that it is old and wasn’t stored properly, thus, it won’t be as potent when you smoke it. While dry weed can still give you a good hit, it can also result in a harsher smoke that hurts the throat.


When you start shopping for cannabis flower, you may also notice that the pricier buds are also stickier. Growers do certain things to ensure that the cannabis plants are potent upon harvest and will contain a rich amount of these trichomes. Additionally, the sticky resins cause cannabis buds to weigh more, resulting in a higher price and better profits for the growers.


It should also be said that just because weed isn’t sticky, doesn’t mean that you won’t get high from it. Less sticky or drier weed will still give you a hit but it does have less THC due to the absence of sticky resin.


The Role of Curing & Drying Weed


Curing your weed properly is an essential process necessary for producing high-quality cannabis that is sticky and potent.


Cultivators have to do several steps to cure their weed properly, and it can take a few weeks for this process to be completed. The cannabis plants require care daily then when it’s time to dry them, the plants are hung upside down during the drying phase so that the THC can run down and accumulate at the plant’s tips. This step is helpful though it doesn’t guarantee if the buds will be sticky.


Other factors also play a role in the bud’s stickiness, such as genetics, and how well the grower cared for it during the various stages of the plant’s growth cycle. Furthermore, marijuana plants should be harvested once the mature flowers have already developed, which also helps to ensure the presence of sticky bud.


How To Tell If Sticky Weed Is Good


Keep in mind that sometimes, sticky weed can also be the result of mold and moist. It is not safe nor recommended to consume moldy weed. In addition, it can also be sticky because it was exposed to high moisture levels or wasn’t cured properly.


Having said that, here are some tips to help you find out if sticky weed is of good quality:


Texture: Quality sticky buds will be firm, and tend to have a spring-like nature to it as opposed to wet cannabis which will feel squishy and spongy.


Breaks apart easily: When you touch quality sticky weed, it will fall apart easily to the touch or when you’re preparing to smoke it. This is also why dispensaries don’t allow customers to touch the buds before they buy it, because the process can result in damaging these precious trichomes and compromising its potency.


Smell: Top-shelf dank weed will always have a delicious, strong aroma because all the terpenes are still in place. On the other hand, weed that is sticky because of other reasons will have a damp, musty smell.





All kinds of cannabis have varying quality levels.


Generally speaking, sticky weed is usually good but this is not always the case, 100 percent of the time. There are also consumers who regularly choose to smoke drier cannabis because it’s cheaper and perhaps they like its effects more – it always boils down to personal preferences.


When you do come across premium sticky bud, this is meant for smoking. It would never be advisable to use sticky bud for making edibles at home because you’d be able to get similar effects from using drier cannabis. Sticky cannabis is always kept at such a premium that in many cases, some cost-conscious smokers may not even want to offer it during large get togethers.


Dry cannabis also has a lower weight, so consumers can buy more quantity at a lower price with dry buds. These are suitable for decarboxylating, which you can then make into cannabis edibles.


At the end of the day, if you’re after a good buzz, then you can’t go wrong with sticky cannabis. It will have a higher price tag, but you will be buying less in each time compared to drier strains.






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