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What are Your Top Cannabis Goals in 2022


cannabis goals for 2022

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. The main reason I don’t do them is because I’m constantly refining myself, challenging my mind and body and pushing myself to new levels of engagement. A New Year’s resolution is for someone who practices wishful thinking and then feels guilty when they don’t achieve their wishes.


I build out a plan and execute and sometimes, when I realize that something I “wanted” but didn’t do anything to get; was something I really didn’t want anyhow. Nonetheless, I do have some objectives I’d like to accomplish this year and improve on some ones I accomplished last year.


In today’s article I’m going to be talking about a few objectives I will be doing in 2022 to be the best version of myself I can possibly be.


Smoke Weed at Designated Times


With the holidaze coming to an end and the new year in full swing, I intend to be a bit more disciplined with my consumption. This means that I will only toke at specific times of the day (mainly at nighttime to help unwind) or during specific brainstorm sessions.


I also will practice abstinence every now and then to examine my relationship with cannabis in more detail. You don’t ever really know how you interact with a substance until you remove it from your system and see how you react.


This year I aim to do at least four bouts of abstinence. I plan on doing one at the change of every season for a period of at least seven days. Perhaps, during the summer I may push a 21-day break.


I wish to maximize my benefit from consuming cannabis and I think the best way to do that is to create specific “conditions” for when I can and cannot smoke.


For example, if I have a lot of shit to do in the morning, I’d not smoke until I have completed most of the things on my task list.


Grow 3-4 Crops


Last year I couldn’t grow as much weed as I’d liked to, however, this year I will be cropping out at least twice, but I intend to build another chamber so I can force flower and create crop cycles. If all goes well, I’d like to be cropping out six plants every 3-4 months to be able to completely sustain my own consumption and that of my partner.


Grow some mushrooms


I like to microdose but when it comes to LSD, you never know what you’re buying on the streets. Unfortunately, we don’t have a regulated marketplace due to the whole “illegality” of the thing. Therefore, I believe one of the safest and most consistent ways of microdosing would be with psilocybin. The spores are completely legal and the means of growing it is very easy. I just need a few tools and I can start cultivating my mushrooms. I would also be able to test out a theory I have about growing mushrooms with weed, in that by sending the CO2 generated by the mushrooms into the flowering room of the cannabis would help create larger buds.


Nonetheless, I’m going to begin to figure out how to macro and microdose properly with my own cultivation of mushrooms this year.


Extract some DMT


In the same vein of microdosing psilocybin, I do wish to extract some DMT for a few macrodoses. I have taken DMT in different forms, but smoked still evades me. The process of making DMT isn’t too difficult and I have a friend who knows how to do it all, I’ll be reaching out to him at some point to make my own.


I don’t intend to be smoking DMT often, but rather use it on specific occasions for spiritual and psychological exploration. I’ll report on this later this year.


Create my own strain


I’ve got a bunch of “no name” seeds. I intend to grow a few of them to see their characteristics and then mix it with some other strain to create a new one. I have already successfully sexed two Gorilla Glue plants to create seeds, but I think merging two separate strains will have an interesting effect. It will most probably also send me down the “create my own strain” rabbit hole – so odds are that I’m going to start looking deeper into cannabis genetics as well.


Get a good vaporizer


One of my favorite vaporizers of all time must be the Pax. I have an old one that is beginning to fail me and so one of my objectives this year is to get the latest updated one. The good thing about these devices is that they have lifelong guarantees and if you have never used a dry flower portable vaporizer like the Pax – it’s a great feeling to be able to pack a bowl and have some AVB to infuse into edibles or to smoke as an anti-anxiety cigarette.


Publish my Weed Book


I wrote a book a few years ago which is just sitting as a manuscript. It’s called Marijuana Apologetics and it talks about the major arguments that was used to keep prohibition alive. Furthermore, it dives into the different ideas that contradict the assumptions of prohibition and lays out how the entire policy was based on deceptive tactics. This year I figured I’ll edit it and publish it just so that it’s available.


The Bottom Line


I don’t believe in simply wishing for things to happen, I do them. My resolutions aren’t reserved for the new year only, I constantly update them and continue moving towards my goals. This year is no different and therefore I established my objectives and am walking towards them every single day.


What are your objectives? Anything you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!








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