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What Are The CBD Products In Poundland Like? | Poundland Product Review

Today I’ve tested a whole haul of CBD products from Poundland (or a Poundland haul to use its correct name on Youtube!).
What is CBD exactly? and why is it everywhere all of a sudden?

CBD is legal unlike THC and is derived from the cannabis plant although CBD can be extracted from Hemp which is mainly used in textiles (rope etc) it is used for certain medical ailments such as stress, anxiety and aches and pains (although they try to distance themselves from that on the box)

CBD does not give you a high either, unlike THC which is the hallucinogenic chemical in cannabis.

Whilst CBD is legal in the UK it is not legal to extract it from hemp without a license and so far to date, no licenses in this country have ever been issued so most of it is imported from countries such as China.

Join me and find out as I try out every CBD product that Poundland sell (which is like 2)
I’ll be testing some KIK tongue shots and some KIK spearmint Vape, all for your enjoyment all for £1 each 🙂

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