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What are Terp Pearls and How Do You Use Them While Dabbing?


terp perls for dabbing

Did you know you could enhance your joints and bowls with some pretty, functional bead-like accessories? These bead-like materials are known as Terp Pearls, and they’re the latest and easiest-to-use accessories that are guaranteed to take your dabbing experience up a notch or more.

Terp Pearls, also called dab beads or banger beads, are tiny balls placed within a banger to reduce the dabbing temperatures. The beads constantly spin around the banger to ensure the concentrates are appropriately heated and distributed while increasing airflow. The continuous movement of the balls allows the heat to be evenly distributed to minimize waste (regular dab rigs can do little to preserve the terpenes in the concentrate).

Terp Pearls come in different forms and sizes. They are mostly made from quartz, silicate, or borosilicate and weigh between 0.5 mg and 30.5 mg. Regardless of their dimensions, these can add style to your rig and help you get the most flavor from the cannabinoids and terpenes in your concentrates.


Choosing a Terp Pearl

Like bangers and other smoking accessories, Terp Pearls come in different sizes and materials. When selecting a Terp pearl, you need to watch for its heat retention and durability.

Choosing the best Terp pearl for you is not so difficult. If you find yourself stuck on which one to choose, you could just try out all of them to select the best fit.


Quartz Pearls

These are the most common dab beads. It is most commonly used for its high resistance to heat, which retains the terpene compounds. Quartz pearls can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and torches because they are thermal-shock resistant. This Terp pearl material is durable and cost-effective.


Borosilicate Pearls

These are the most affordable pearls, although they are not as common as their quartz counterparts. These pearls are not preferred because they can melt or change shape when extreme temperatures are applied. When using this accessory, you must exercise caution while heating the dab. Direct heat or rapid temperature changes to the pearls will make them less useful.


Ruby Pearls

These are not genuine rubies. They are artificially produced in a lab to create the same qualities as rubies. Ruby Pearls are red, giving them a premium aesthetic look, which looks really cool when the beads are circling or spinning around the rig.

These pearls have UV-reactive light with superior heat retention capabilities. This makes them sufficient for maintaining the terpene compounds in the dabs. The downside is that they have very little resistance to thermal shock, so they cannot be cleaned with torches.


Sic Pearls and Ceramic Pearls

Ceramic pearls are highly fragile; they are hard to clean, and they crack easily. Like quartz pearls, they can also handle high temperatures. On the other hand, Silicone Carbide Pearls have a much higher heat retention and conductivity level. They also have premium resistance to thermal shocks.

pearls to be used in bangers

How to Use Terp Pearls

The process of using Terp Pearls is straightforward. You simply have to insert them into your banger before heating it up.

Before lighting up your banger, you must confirm that the material of your pearls can withstand the applied heat. Once you’re sure, the purchased pearls can withstand high heat, place one or more into a cold banger and apply heat. Once the banger is fully heated up to the desired temperature, place the concentrate inside and cover the opening with the carb cap. When you inhale the vapor, the bead will immediately begin to circle the bottom of the banger.

The carb cap is needed to ensure the beads spin or circulate.

If the beads fail to move, it means something is wrong; either they’ve been melted, or their shape has been altered due to the temperature. For Terp pearls that cannot withstand high temperatures, the banger must be heated first, and then the pearls dropped into it. The concentrates are added last and covered with the cap.

When buying a banger, ensure the carb caps are compatible with the openings to allow the pearls to move around. To prevent burns, remember to use a heat-resistant glove. Before doing anything with your bangers, check for and remove all flammable materials around you. Smoking or dabbing near combustible materials or substances could be hazardous.


The Pros of Using Terp Pearls

Terp pearls help to maximize concentrates. Dabbing with beads gives your drags better flavors and more enormous smoke clouds. Using your pearls in quartz or titanium bangers gives the best feeling as the dabs are evenly cooked.

With Terp pearls, wastage is reduced. The beads make sure there are little or no sticky leftovers in the banger. They are also cost-effective because they can be used several times.

The pros of using Terp pearls are limitless. Their different colors and shapes add an amusing effect when dabbing. Simply put, they are fun to watch and use while getting high.


How to clean Terp Pearls

Proper maintenance of Terp pearls is the best way to ensure concentrated residues do not build up within the banger. Cleaning the bead after every round of dabbing keeps the bead working efficiently for a long time.

Depending on the material of your pearls, you can use torches or isopropyl alcohol to clean them. You have to wait for the beads to cool down before giving them a proper cleaning. Soak the beads in the cleaning mixture and wait for all the residues to come off, then wipe them clean with a dry cloth. After cleaning, please wait a few hours for the beans to cool and completely dry off before inserting them for another dabbing round.


Bottom Line

To get to a new level of dabbing, you need Terp pearls. Experienced dabbers understand that these pretty tiny beads have a lot to offer apart from their fabulous look. These functional elements need to be included in your dabbing sector if they aren’t there already.

Upgrade your dabbing ritual with Terp pearls today. You can purchase these little accessories online or in cannabis stores near you. Always remember that the more you care for your beads, the longer they’ll serve your dabbing habit.






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