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Weedcraft Part 5 – How to Embed Intention into Your Tokes


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Welcome back to the Dank Sorcerers and Weed Witches to another installment of “WeedCraft”. Over the past year. If you’re interested in the previous installment of Weedcraft articles; here’s a quick rundown:


  1. How to Make a Sigil Joint

  2. Intro to Stoner Sorcery & Magick

  3. Understanding the Egregore of Cannabis

  4. The Stoner Purge


Technically speaking, the “Mindfulness Toke” could also be classified as a Weedscaft article, but since it’s not officially part of the series, we’ll simply give it an honorable mention. Nonetheless, we’re back with a new one which is bound to take everything that you’ve learned as of now – and take it to the next level!


Today, we’re going to be talking about Imbuing or Embedding “intention” into our tokes. We’ll be drawing on some of the older articles for reference, so if you haven’t read any of the series – I recommend starting from the first installment and working your way to this piece.


As we know, magick is about exerting your will onto the fabric of reality – taking what it is you imagine in your mind and making it become real in the world. There are a myriad of techniques to achieve but irrespective of the current or method you implement, the core element remains true – you influenced the world around you in order to achieve a particular goal, desire, or objective.


How is this different from ideas like the Law of Attraction or even something as mundane as “accomplishing one’s goals?” In truth, all of these things elude to the same truth – that you are a conscious element that can alter your environment through action or inaction.


Where magick differs however is in the means of engagement. A magickian understands that the underlying element within any spell or incantation is in the intention. It doesn’t matter whether you believe that the Universe is made up of psychedelic ponies that grant wishes or whether some almighty entity decided to create clay figurines and endow them with consciousness. This is merely theater for something that our conscious minds cannot understand.


Within this understanding lies the freedom of expression – the stoner sorcerer or weed witch can now create their own unique means of transmuting their intention. In this case, tapping into the Egregore of Marijuana and utilizing her smoke as a conduit for delivering your intention to the universe.


How do I establish a strong intention?


I’ve seen many magickians stumble with this element of magick. This is a problem of focus and understanding what the heart truly wants. Many times we seek treasures that we believe will make us whole or happy, but when we begin to pursue them we discover that the joy we thought we’d obtain simply isn’t there.


This is why making a strong intention requires a bit of self awareness or at the very least the ability to listen to your heart. With the Mindfulness Toking we spoke about how you can become mindful of the act of smoking cannabis.


This level of awareness is what is needed to listen to the whispers of the heart. To do this, you can spark up a doobie and prepare your original desire, want, need, etc. In other words, when you’re good and stoned, ask yourself – “What do I truly want to obtain?” and simply wait for the first clear answer to pop into your mind.


Write it down without judgement.


Once you are sure that you have your answer, simply ask, “Why is it important for me to have/get/find _____? (fill in the blank)”. Once more, you’ll wait for a definitive answer and write it down. You’ll repeat this process seven times by simply asking “why is it important to have/get/want” whatever the previous answer was. If you don’t get an answer, that’s okay – simply take another hit and repeat the question.


You may begin to day dream about other stuff after asking this question, this is normal. Your mind sometimes tries to distract you from dealing with “real shit” and so will throw entertaining thoughts your way to keep you from asking the serious questions or upsetting its delicate balance. If you do find yourself daydreaming, make sure to take note of “what you’re day dreaming about”. Ask yourself why it was important for you to see/experience that particular thought.


This type of inquiry should be done in love and gentleness. It’s best to take the calm approach and not try to force the unconscious mind. You’ll have much less resistance that way. Calm, caring and with the understanding that whatever the mind does to distract you it does not out of malice but out of love.


Nonetheless, sometimes the process may take a few sessions to achieve – but once you have reached the 7th level of inquiry – you should have some sort of idea of your “core” desire. It’s usually nothing like what you originally seek, but this is good. Pursuing this goal will be the quickest and most effective way to obtain the material you originally imagined would make you happy.


Once you have the intention, it’s time for a stoner ritual!


Reginald Reefer’s Stoned Sorcerer Smoke Spell


To effectively do the Stoned Sorcerer Smoke Spell you need to sigilize your intention. You can learn about that in the Sigil Spell article linked above. Once you have completed this stage you can begin by preparing your space.


  1. Anointing the Space – The unconscious mind loves theatrics. Therefore, it’s best to make a big deal of the spell before hand. You’ll want to prepare the are where you’ll be casting the spell. Go ahead and cleanse it with smoke and oils, sweep the area of dust, mop it – dim the lights, get some candles…whatever you need to make the room feel “special”. The more holy the area feels, the more effective the spell will be. Once you have everything prepared and feel ready to step into your circle – go ahead. Remember to take off your shoes! It’s holy ground!

  2. Clear the cache – Now that you’ve stepped into your circle, you’ll first want to empty your mind. You can use this meditation to help banish all your thoughts and empty yourself. There are many techniques available to do this, however I find that by simply uttering a single Mantra is one of the more effective methods. Either way, you’ll want to engage with at least 5-10 minutes of this kind of quiet meditation, simply connecting with your subtle energies.

  3. Spark your Spell – Next, it’s time to light up your Sigil Joint. Since you already know what your core intention is, you’ll focus in on the feeling of “accomplishing” the intention. In other words, you’ll want to tap into the feeling in the future of actually “achieving” what you wanted to get, obtain, or experience. Try to keep your awareness tuned to this frequency throughout the entire joint, solely focusing on how it would feel to acquire what you are seeking. With every inhalation, connect to the feeling – and with every exhalation, imagine how it escapes you like a prayer, dissipating into the sky becoming a part of the very fabric of earth itself.

  4. Give Thanks – Finally, you’ll want to give thanks to whatever gods or non-gods you used, whatever technique, or even simply connecting to the feeling of things that make you happy. You are trying to raise your frequency higher in order to shift to a more resourceful state. Once you have properly and authentically given thanks – slap your hands together, break the circle and do something completely different. Something to distract you from the entire ritual. You’re done!


To Banish or not to Banish


Within Ceremonial magick you typically have to close down your casting circle and banish all residual energies. Clean your etheric environment. More importantly, the banishing is meant to help sever your mind from the request or intention you invoked. This is because when you are consciously thinking about the intention, whether it’s happening or whether it’s failed – you are influencing the results. The banishing spells are meant to wipe the mind clear from this kind of attachment.


In the case of the stoner sorcerer or weed witch, you simply need to stand up, do something that completely breaks the ambiance of the room. This is why I said to “clap” as this makes noise, signals the body that “something changed” and wakes up the nervous system. However, you’ll want to go a step further and play some random music, start dancing, laugh hysterically (which shouldn’t be too hard since you’re zonked), or even cleaning something, making food – any activity that will demand all of your attention.


If you have a roach left, you can take it – open it up and let the ash and remaining weed flutter away. The idea here is to trust in the unconscious mind and to trust that the spell has been done. One of the key elements of all magick is faith that what you are doing is real and working. Faith, while typically associated with religious matters, is something that drives most of our actions, desires, etc. It’s the thing that allows us to take risks and “believe” despite the evidence, that we’re going to be alright.


Therefore, with magick, this remains a constant. You need to become biased in your favor, believing that what you did has affected the fabric of reality and has come to pass.


Then, you simply forget about it all!


Other Applications for Intentional Smoke


Now that you know sort of the way on how to imbue intention into smoke, you can begin to utilize this in interesting ways. Let’s explore a few;


  1. Healing Smoke – For personal healing or blessing others, you can roll a joint with a sigil for good health, and blow it over the person or a picture of the person you are blessing/healing. When exhaling, visualize the person healthy, doing activities, full of life – get your mind as far away from the disease as possible. Every exhalation, strengthen the imagery, feel the healing and blessing travel on the smoke and cover the person.

  2. Invocation – While this might not be the most healthy of practices, it certainly can pack a magickal punch. Technically speaking, you could sigilize any intention into a joint/smoke, meaning you could even use it for invocation. When you “invoke” an entity, whether a deity, a spirit, an elemental or any other archetypical energy configuration – you are inviting an “outside force” to commune with you. In other words, asking for the presence of something that exists “outside of you”. This doesn’t necessarily need to be “entities” either, it could be forces and states like “success” or “hyper-sexuality” or “attractiveness”. You can embody anything you want.


How to Invoke:


  1. After you’ve cleared the cache you’ll shift your awareness to the joint itself. First, take a moment and simply lock your eyes on it, relaxing the gaze and simply observing through the peripheral. Slow your breath, and focus in on what it is you wish to invoke. Really make a connection with the feeling, the idea, the person, etc in great detail – make it as vivid as possible.

  2. Once you’ve reach the peak of this visualization, spark up the joint and take a slow deep inhalation, filling up the entire lung. Feel how the smoke is the intention now entering into your body, and allow it to take over completely. Continue this process for as long as you can. You might get a bit too high and want to put down the joint a bit – that’s okay, the ritual isn’t over until the joint is over – so pace yourself. You can smoke it in sections, let your intuition guide you.

  3. When you get nice and high you’ll want to close your eyes and simply focus in on your breathing a bit. Once you have become aware of your body, simply shift your awareness back to the invoked image, and how it now sits in your body, part of you – the feeling of “highness” should feel different. You will experience a different type of energy coursing in this particular high. Simply relax, keep on slow breathing, and make your peace with the new energy – give it its space.

  4. Now that you’re comfortable with the foreign energy you’ll want to do your working. What was the purpose of invocation? This is probably something you’ll want to establish before doing the ritual itself. With a clear purpose – go ahead and do what you came to do.

  5. Once you’ve completed the ritual, you’ll simply want to thank the entity, deity, or whatever you invoked. It’s always good to be respectful and acknowledge their help, lest they become real assholes and fuck your shit up later. Respectfully close the circle and make sure that you feel that both parties are satisfied…then banish!

  6. Remove all energies, turn on the lights, disrupt the mood – break the incantation. What’s done is done, it’s time to move on with your life – you got shit to do!


The Sticky Bottom Line


While I’ve provided you with enough to tickle your imagination, the fact of the matter is that when you understand how to attach intention to something like cannabis smoke – you will be surprised at how you can alter your consciousness as a result. Of course, this isn’t exclusively limited to cannabis, you could do the same thing with water.


In fact, many magickians program their water by speaking love and health into their glasses, changing the molecular structure of the water – and then ingesting it, doing the exact same thing as the invocation ritual mentioned above. This is in principle the same as “praying before eating”, where you bless the food to nourish the body.


Oh…does this mean that Christians do witchy stuff?


Yep! They might brand it different, but it’s still the same old esoterica! But Shhh! Don’t tell them…


Within a psychological context, we can call this “framing” or “priming” the mind. This taps into a myriad of unconscious processes that configures your unconsciousness to look for things that confirm your internalized desire. For example, if you cast a spell that makes you lucky – the unconscious mind will now be primed to look for proof of this, and as long as you maintain your bias in favor of your success – it will find real world examples.


Whether you choose to approach this from a psychological, spiritual or magickal manner – the result is pretty much the same. However, judging by the fact that you’re still reading these words only suggest to me that you are someone interested in esoteric truths and thus will embrace these rituals and concepts in practice.


If that’s the case, I’d love to know how it went. Feel free to reach out to me – my editor always passes on your emails. If you’re interested in magick and more esoteric truths, you could always check out my group on Breath Magick.


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