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Weed Growing – Android Gameplay

Grow your own pot with cannabis plant and build weed paradise in light-hearted weed growing game.

Plant marijuana in grow room and obtain unique weed strains from green grass in weed games.

Sell cbd and thc infused goodies in your weed firm. Hire a peculiar drug dealer in your bud farm for selling grass and making perfect dope deals.

Make dope and open your way to be an idle tycoon in 420 farming simulator.

Develop your weed firm and make green!
Start from planting seeds in and grow home bud in plant growing game. Give water to the grass plant, maintain proper temperature and provide required CO2 to the strains of marijuana in drug games. Choose from hybrid, sativa and indica types and harvest as many strains of marijuana in stoner games. Plant popular strains 💐 like sour diesel, durban poison, hash, purple kush, kush and more in your own hemp paradise.

Cultivate bud growing in your weed firm!
Now cultivate unique different strains that you have grown in your bud growing virtual farm and weed dispensary ranging from hash, ganja, kush, 420, cannabis and other potent plants. Use weed crusher to cut the grown gage and mary-jane. Bring weed crusher in your dispensary and cut the popular weed plants for final dank grass 🌱. Give your stoner vaping products be a vape master of your VIP pothead.

Hemp products in Hemp empire
• Get CBD and THC infused edibles.
• CBD and THC infused goodies include cookies, pancakes and candies.
• Oils, butter, resin and other concentrates such as wax, hash and shatter.
• A large variety of weed derivatives at your hands in pot farm.

Build weed factory and weed shop
Increase customers bandwidth at weed shop and expand your weed farm to a weed factory that can sell drugs like Mary-jane, Gage, shatter and doda to become idle tycoon of tobacco business in plant growing game. Give 420 tobacco obtained in plant growing game and let them puff . Invite pothead Chill out and puff to grow the idle farm. Trade and sell narcos and become cunning drug dealer of your drug empire.

Features of Weed, Bud, Hempire and Cannabis Farm Game:
✩ Weed, marihuana, cannabis and hempire plant growing game.
✩ Plantation of strains of like hash, sess, mary-jane, sour diesel and other narcotics.
✩ Grow plants and make green grass in free weed games.
✩ Harvesting the cbd, buds, marihuana and 420 to become weed tycoon.
✩ Trade and sell grass and different edible like cookies, lemonade, pancakes and oils for profits.

Get in for growing ganja farm, pot farm, weed empire, buds, thc, stoner, edible and other drugs in free weed games. Create popular edible and goodies like cookies, pankcakes, cigar, oils, wax, shatter and lemonade.

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