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Weed Delivery Through UberEats in Toronto


The cumbersome regulations imposed on the cannabis industry are one reason this partnership could be revolutionary for dispensary operators. One of the three cannabis retailers selected to participate in the pilot is Toronto’s Boutique Dispensary, Minerva Cannabis. “We’re really excited to be selected as one of the stores for the pilot project.” said Paul Macchiusi, President of Minerva Cannabis, “In Toronto alone, there are 400+ stores, so this initiative should be very helpful to Minerva Cannabis, and the other stores involved.” The other stores involved are  Hidden Leaf Cannabis and Shivaa’s Rose. 

Access to dispensary menus is just one of the challenges facing the industry, but the partnership between UberEats and Leafly is a great sign of innovation and normalization. “We understand how challenging the cannabis industry has been for retailers in Ontario which is why we’re hoping this pilot project is a success in order to offer more people access to legal cannabis,” said Macchiusi. 

Testing the efficacy of this partnership is an exciting time in Toronto, but with great power comes great responsibility. It’s up to you to prove this concept so we all experience this next step in bringing modern conveniences to the cannabis industry — order lots of weed and eats for delivery, Toronto!Personally, I’m planning on desert before dinner with some tasty cannabis treats when I have the opportunity to order weed and dinner together. 


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