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We tried HHC with Bay Smokes


The latest cannabinoid darling gets the star treatment in this high-quality vape.

How many alternative cannabinoids have you checked off your list? It’s a hot time for hemp-based options, and HHC is emerging as a major one. It can be a little harder to find than some of the fresh new options, but it has an identity all its own that can take your highs to new heights.

Short for hexahydrocannabinol, naturally occurring HHC pops up in different parts of the plant than most cannabinoids—the seeds and pollen, rather than the sweet, sticky buds—so it makes sense that it’s a little more off the beaten path. It also kicks in almost instantaneously when it’s vaped, even quicker than the THC family, and consumers report effects that are both energizing and relaxing.

Like other hemp-derived cannabinoids, it shares the same federal legal status as other hemp products under the Farm Bill. And since it’s not THC, it enjoys a little more freedom, even in some areas with restrictions on delta-8.


Want to try hot, new cannabinoids like delta-10 & THCP? It pays to have a friend like Bay Smokes

Since HHC exists in small amounts in small parts of the plant, the HHC you see on the market is derived from other cannabinoids like CBD in a laboratory. Because of that, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting it from a safe and reliable source. The hemp geniuses at Bay Smokes just added HHC to their lineup of delta-10, delta-8, THCp, and CBD products, and they’re pretty obsessive about making things perfect.

Here’s what happened when this writer tried their brand new HHC wares, along with some need-to-know HHC info.

HHC with Bay Smokes
Courtesy of Bay Smokes

How is HHC made?

HHC has a long history in the laboratory: It was first synthesized in the 1940s by American chemist Roger Adams, who hydrogenated THC to create HHC. That’s the same hydrogenation that makes oil into margarine!

When HHC is made from hemp, CBD is usually the starting point. Experienced scientists process these cannabinoids carefully—it’s safe to consume, but should only be made in a lab. There are two types of HHC molecules, so getting a great product is a little more complicated. All the more reason to trust the pros.

Bay Smokes makes potent HHC products that are never made with thinning agents—and you can double-check those guarantees with readily available lab results.

Trying Bay Smokes HHC

HHC with Bay Smokes
Courtesy of Bay Smokes

We got a chance to try the Bay Smokes HHC vape in Maui Wowie, which is super sleek and compact so it feels great to both hold and draw from. The strain has a clean, tropical taste—a very welcome bit of early summertime in Leafly’s HQ city, famously grey & rainy Seattle—and hit harder than you’d expect from a disposable. The drag felt solid with a nice balance between comfort and clouds and, of course, plenty of flavor. The high, as advertised, comes on fast. 

The high is clear and giddy, and while it was psychoactive, it didn’t have the stoniness you’d get from THC. We’ve heard the HHC high compared to a “sativa-like” high, and it certainly is invigorating—but those who typically avoid sativa strains could still have a lot of fun with this. It layers its upbeat energy with a cool chill foundation. Like hanging out with your most interesting besties, it’s incredibly fun, but low-pressure.

Since we’re in a rec legal cannabis state here in Washington, we did follow it up with some standard herb, and we highly recommend it: They complemented each other very well, with a well-rounded high that kept our minds active and curious.

Bay Smokes’ HHC comes in both disposable vapes and 510 carts—and along with Maui Wowie, they come in Watermelon OG and Guava.

HHC with Bay Smokes
Courtesy of Bay Smokes

Choose your own cannabinoids

Of course, Bay Smokes’ HHC vape is great—it’s part of a really killer lineup of hemp-derived, terpene-packed vapes, dabs, gummies, tinctures, and even flower. Here’s what else is on the table and how it stacks up.

CBD: The classic cannabinoid gets a super-fresh treatment from Bay Smokes, with both fresh herb and a crystalline distillate that comes in nine different terpene blends. Unlike HHC, it won’t get you high.

Delta-8: This THC-lite is everywhere, but it gets the star treatment from Bay Smokes, with a little bit of everything: Vapes, drink mixes, fresh herb, pre-rolls, tinctures, and a variety of edibles both sweet and savory. This is going to be downtempo and a tick more psychoactive than HHC, but the two might make a nice pairing.

Delta-10: Delta-10 is more energetic than delta-8 with about the same level of psychoactivity, and the two go quite well together—and they’re both going to be headier than HHC. Bay Smokes has this one in vapes, cartridges, and peach ring gummies.

THC, CBD, and CBG: Bay Smokes’ Moon Rocks contain layers and layers of potency. High-quality buds are soaked in either delta-10 or delta-8 distillate then rolled in CBD and CBG kief. The result is 30% cannabinoids, and a broad-spectrum effect that goes beyond just the high: The CBD and CBG offer non-psychoactive healing properties, but they also help you get the most out of your THC. This is, of course, far more layered than HHC alone.

HHC with Bay Smokes
Courtesy of Bay Smokes

THC-O: If you’re looking for it, this is the THC that’s going to have the most potent psychoactive effects. It’s more potent than delta-8, delta-10, and potentially even standard delta-9 THC—and most certainly hits harder than HHC.

THCp and delta-8: THCp is a relatively new discovery, but it has a greater capacity to bind to our body’s receptors—so it could be really nice for someone with a high tolerance. Try this if you want just a touch more oomph in your delta-8. If you want to see how THCp pairs with another cannabinoid (like, for example, HHC), it’s available on its own in one-milligram gummies and in an MCT-oil tincture.

Find even more combos at—your perfect mix is out there.

Leafly novel cannabinoid disclaimer:

Use and possession may be restricted by law. This product may expose you to harmful chemical byproducts.

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