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Wait, Are Magic Mushrooms Addictive? Can You Get Hooked on Shrooms?


magic mushrooms addictive

Magic mushrooms, also commonly known as shrooms, are cultivated or freely growing mushrooms that have psilocybin content. Psilocybin is a psychoactive compound that exists in nature and is well known for its psychedelic effects. It is thought to be one of the most commonly known hallucinogens and is utilized by various people all over the world as a recreational drug.


Magic mushrooms are said to provide sensations of euphoria and sensory confusion that are similar to those experienced after taking hallucinogenic substances like LSD.


These magic mushrooms have been consumed by humans for over a thousand years, and they are deemed to possess a good safety profile. Nevertheless, psilocybin, the primary compound in magic mushrooms, is labeled as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, which translates to magic mushrooms being illegal in a lot of places.


The substances termed Schedule 1 controlled substances are seen as possessing a high capacity for abuse and cannot be used to serve any lawful medical purpose. So, what’s the big deal about magic mushrooms? Is it possible that shrooms could have a greater purpose?


While we can cancel out physical addiction, there is a chance you will develop a psychological dependency on magic mushrooms. Shrooms contain entheogenic properties that make them very attractive, and for some, the experience is too good to pass up.


What Effects Do Magic Mushrooms Have On Users?

Magic mushrooms possess a mind-warping effect on those who use them and lead to alterations in perception, consciousness, thought, and mood. All these effects are generally referred to as a “psychedelic experience” or a “trip.” A majority of people, when taking these types of mushrooms, you hear, see, and feel sensations that seem very real but are not.


Magical mushrooms gained their prominent popularity through the hippie movement in the 1960s and have since then been linked with self-discovery and spiritual experiences. In current times, they are frequently used during music festivals to provide an “enlightening” experience to party-goers.


However, as with other drugs, everyone’s reaction to mushrooms is distinct, resulting in a unique experience. There are various factors at play, all of which may have an impact on how you feel. Your age and weight, metabolism, tolerance, where you take them, the amount you ingest, and more are all factors to consider.


Usually, people who use shrooms can expect them to begin to take effect within 20 minutes to 2 hours after consumption. Furthermore, the duration of the impact tends to be between 3 and 6 hours.


Are Magic Shrooms Actually Addictive?

As a matter of fact, magic mushrooms, or shrooms, are not widely thought to be addictive, but there has been some discussion on the subject. One of the reasons some professionals believe that magic mushrooms are not addictive is because of the strength of the high they give. Due to the fact that the effects can be physically and mentally challenging, the assumption is that people will reduce the frequency of their substance use.


Furthermore, research has been carried out on the abuse potential of psilocybin. According to findings, there is a suggestion that frequent use of the substance does not follow traditional patterns of addiction. Nevertheless, there is a danger that some people will carry on seeking the enjoyable feelings linked with magic mushrooms, causing compulsive patterns of use. As with any substance, individuals can become dependent on any substance. The more a person indulges in a substance, the likelier they are to begin to crave the substance and its associated effects. As a result, psychological dependence on magic mushrooms may be more severe than physical dependence.


All the same, psilocybin tolerance develops quickly in the human body, which leads to the chemicals having little to no impact over time. The meaning of this is that it is extremely hard to feel any effect after using the substance for more than four days repeatedly, even when you take it in high doses. And so, people who use shrooms should take a few days off between doses in order to experience the full effect. Due to this fact, addiction seems rather unlikely, but it is not impossible.


If you end up building a high tolerance to magic mushrooms, taking a break for up to a week will usually revert most individuals to their average level of tolerance.


Dependency, Tolerance, And Withdrawal Of Magic Mushroom

Building a tolerance for magic mushrooms can be troublesome for some individuals, as taking high doses can lead to unwanted side effects. Vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, agitation, fear or paranoia, and even psychosis are all possible symptoms. Although they are not deadly, these are things that people definitely want to avoid when taking magic mushrooms.


Having said that, taking magic mushrooms frequently does not seem to lead to physical dependence, which means it is not likely to see a person suffering from stopping the use. However, it could take a day or two to get back to normal again after consumption. It is possible that you experience fatigue or find it difficult to differentiate between real life and fantasy as a result.


The risk of addiction to magic mushrooms is not the same as that of a lot of other substances. Nevertheless, as is the case with any drug, there is a need to proceed with caution when taking magic mushrooms. Frequent use could result in building a tolerance that makes users consume higher doses and by doing so, cause unfavorable side effects. In addition, as you try to achieve the pleasurable “mind-altering” effects of a psychedelic trip, you risk developing a psychological addiction.


Bottom Line  

For the most part, though, when used carefully and in reasonable dosages, magic mushrooms are generally harmless and should not cause addiction.


In truth, it would not be responsible to claim that magic mushrooms are utterly devoid of potential adverse effects or downsides. However, when you put into consideration the body’s capability to handle the chemical aspects of things, the “everything in moderation” strategy is a sure-fire way to gain access to their vast spiritual knowledge without becoming reliant.









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