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Volcano Hybrid Review – How to make a Terpene Cocktail

What to expect in this Volcano Hybrid Review by Budders Cannabis?
1:05 Introduction + Overview of what will be discussed
3:11 What is new with the Volcano Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer
8:25 How to use the Volcano Hybrid
9:30 Terpene Cocktail with the Volcano Hybrid Balloon
11:17 Using the brand new whip and fan feature
12:42 What does cannabis look like after a bag and whip hit in the Volcano Hybrid?
14:01 Hitting the Volcano Hybrid with Balloons – tips and tricks
21:08 Using the Whip – Tips and Tricks
22:42 FULL BAKED MODE with the Volcano Hybrid
23:58 Using the Storz and Bickel Web App with your Volcano Hybrid
26:38 Updated Ceramic-Coated Filling Chamber for the Storz and Bickel Volcano Hybrid
28:28 FINAL THOUGHTS – SHOULD YOU BUY THE HYBRID? Is it better than the Arizer Extreme Q?

Watch me get baked as hell with the Volcano Hybrid. Be prepared to see the most in-depth Volcano Hybrid review out there yet. Many people consider the Storz and Bickel desktop vaporizers to be the best of the best. Watch Budders Cannabis use the Volcano Hybrid in every way imaginable at the cottage and learn what a Terpene Cocktail is!

This review video will explain to you what is new about the Volcano Hybrid Desktop, How to use the Volcano Hybrid, How to Use the balloon, how to use the brand new whip attachment, Balloon Terpene Cocktails, Whip Air blowing, how to get really baked and if the Volcano Hybrid is worth the money.

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