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Vape pen review – Review of the Best Vape Pen Ever! Vape Pen Review. Watch this Vape pen review by rasta Vapes. This Vape Pen Review is of the Medi-Puff. Please check out this vape pen review. We also have other vape pen reviews on our other products, just check out our our toutube page!

The Medi-Puff Vaporizer Pen has you covered. The MediPuff works great for dry herbs as well as oil/wax. This is our #1 Best Selling Pen for vaping. Orders are being accepted and are shipped out the same day. This Vaporizer Pen is sleek and stylish with its rubber black coating. The Medi-Puff Dual use vaporizer pen vapes dry herbs with ease. All you have to do is change the attachment and you are smoking oil or wax.

This electronic vaporizer pen has the best of both worlds because it is for oil or dry herbs! Also, it’s a way better alternative than traditional smoking. Also, you do not need to carry a lighter, papers or even a pipe. You have everything you need to start vaping with the big boys.

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