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Using Cranberry Juice for Detoxing Your System –


If you are scrambling for a solution to a quick detox, you’ve likely turned up some pretty questionable advice. Everything from apple cider vinegar to certo comes up, and you might be wondering what’s the most reliable and practical approach. A cranberry juice detox might seem easy enough, but it also sounds a little too good to be true. The tart juice of this bright red berry often comes up when researching how to pass a drug test, and while it may have plenty of health benefits, can it actually cleanse your body of toxins? 

Can Cranberry Juice Help You Cleanse?

Your body is detoxing all of the time to consistently cleanse the system of toxins and waste. The liver and kidneys do the bulk of this work, and can easily become overwhelmed and bogged down by unhealthy lifestyles, diet, and overuse of chemicals. How long it takes to purge a particular substance from your system depends on how efficient these detox organs are, what methods you approach when detoxing, and how much time you have to cleanse. 

Even though your body is naturally detoxing, you can support its efforts by stopping use of all drugs and alcohol and knowing what foods to avoid. A cranberry juice detox will not rid your body of THC metabolites (or other chemical metabolites) on its own. Rather, it’s intended to aid your body in its natural detoxification process. 

Cranberries are rich in minerals like vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K1, manganese, and copper. They are also rich in quercetin and myricetin – two powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals while also offering anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, cranberries contain high amounts of organic acids that work to emulsify fats. Since the body stores metabolites (like those from THC) in fat cells, burning fat directly supports the goal of a detox. However, cranberry on its own will not eradicate THC from your fat cells. 

Cranberry juice contains small amounts of niacin, which acts as a diuretic. As fat is burned through exercise, fasting, or regular daily activities, the fat-soluble THC metabolites are slowly released back into the bloodstream before they leave the body via urination. Since a cranberry juice cleanse is known to increase urination, it’s believed to be helpful in ushering remaining metabolites out of the body at a quicker rate. 

Although a cranberry juice detox may help increase urination, it will not wipe out all THC or any other chemical remnants. Moreover, if you are wondering how long does THC stay in your system as you prepare for a drug test, supplementing with a detox program is your best bet for success.

How Much Cranberry Juice?

Everyone knows hydration is a top priority for maintaining good health. The old standard of eight glasses a day has been replaced with a new formula – drink half of your body weight in ounces. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, you would need to drink 75 ounces of water per day to maintain optimum hydration levels. When detoxing, these requirements increase, especially if you are sweating out fluids due to an increase in exercise or by using a sauna. 

During any kind of cleanse or detox program, it’s advisable to drink a gallon of liquids per day (128 ounces). While this might seem like a lot, you can switch it up to include multiple hydrating beverages. However, by no means should you consume a gallon of cranberry juice per day. Even if your primary goal is to pursue a cranberry juice detox, you might encounter some uncomfortable side effects. 

For example, even though cranberries are known to cleanse the kidneys of bacteria, anyone with a history of kidney stones should avoid large doses of cranberry juice. This is because cranberries contain high levels of calcium, a known contributor to the development of kidney stones. Additionally, the high acidity of cranberry juice can upset stomachs and aggravate ulcers. 

Instead, opt for a mix of plain water, lemon water, non-caffeinated herbal detox teas, and cranberry juice. Use this cranberry detox tea recipe for a tasty way to spice up plain cranberry juice, and try it both hot and cold for added variety. Remember that no matter how much cranberry juice you drink, it will not help you beat a hair follicle test, as that type of testing can detect THC metabolites for up to 90 days. 

What Cranberry Juice Is Best for Detoxing?

If you peruse the beverage section of your local grocery store, it’s probably filled with cranberry juice cocktail. This is essentially concentrated cranberry mixed with water and loads of sugar. Although we all loved the viral video featuring Ocean Spray cranberry juice, that is not the best choice for a cranberry juice cleanse. With more sugar per cup than a can of soda, most commercial cranberry cocktail juices do more harm than good. 

Always opt for pure, 100% cranberry juice. Trader Joe’s makes an affordable option in a recyclable glass jar, and R.W. Knudsen is a trusted organic juice brand. Any pure cranberry juice is going to be extremely tart, but you can dilute it with water or herbal tea to make it more palatable. 

Will It Work in 24 Hours?

Unfortunately, no. A cranberry juice detox will not rid your system in 24 hours in order to pass a drug test. However, check out a same-day detox drink if you are in a pinch to pass a test.

A Word to the Wise

There is no scientific evidence proving that a cranberry juice cleanse will make you pass a drug test. Do not rely on this method if you need a negative test to obtain a job or meet a legal obligation. However, if you have the time to naturally detox, then supplementing with cranberry juice or cranberry capsules is a great way to support kidney and bladder health and increase your nutrient uptake. 


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