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Uncovering Cannabis Secrets with Mr. CBD: The Journey to Enlightenment EP37

What’s up YouTube? On this episode of The Elevated News Podcast, Dave and Aaron had a dope guest – the one and only Mr. CBD from!

This guy is the real deal when it comes to hemp and cannabis. His story of how CBD helped him overcome health issues like diverticulitis is inspiring. After struggling to find CBD products, he was like “Screw it, I’ll make my own!”

From there, he started his own CBD pet line after seeing how it helped his pack of Huskies with various conditions. Mr. CBD got so deep into the plant, he became an accredited healthcare professional just to educate doctors and nurses on the benefits of hemp, CBD and THC!

But Mr. CBD isn’t just about the CBD. He’s on a mission to bring back hemp as a sustainable super crop for food, industrial materials – you name it. He broke down how hemp could legitimately help reduce the national debt if we maximize its uses instead of relying so much on crops like corn and wheat. Mind-blowing stuff!

He gave us the inside scoop on his daily cannabinoid routine, using different profiles like CBG in the morning to uplift his energy, then hybrids later in the day to mellowwww out. This guy maximizes the entourage effect by combining cannabinoids with superfoods like turmeric and triphala in his products.

We got the first look at his brand new hemp heart snacks and hemp milk line, plus an immunity-boosting “Restore” tincture made with the ancient Ayurvedic method by his partner Aum Remedies. So dope!

Throughout the episode, Dave, Aaron and Mr. CBD kept it real with personal cannabis journeys – from exploring strains and effects, to proper consumption methods, to grandmas in the old days whipping up cannabis tinctures for every little thing!

If you’re ready to elevate your cannabis knowledge to the next level, this podcast is a must-watch/listen. Big shoutout to Mr. CBD for being our guide!


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Filmed at the LilBean Studios in Dekalb,IL. Music by Harris Heller/Streambeats.

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