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Try Plain Jane Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower Review

Hi guys! It’s my first video here & i decided to put you all on to some greatness ✨ Sour Space Candy CBD Flower with a high content of 21.9%!

How Did It Smoke? It wasn’t harsh at all. Very smooth. The taste was great.

How Did It Smell? Let’s just say i wouldn’t smoke this on my lunch break lol. As a SAHM i had to take this one outside to enjoy.

How Did You Feel? One word. AMAZING! I don’t even suffer from aches or pains yet my body felt completely eased & relaxed. As someone diagnosed with Depression & Anxiety, this completely uplifted my mood, productivity, focus, & overall well-being!

Overall i highly recommend that you #tryplainjane 😉

You can find this product here

*i did choose to smoke this while on my prescribed antidepressants without consulting my doctor which is something i would NOT recommend. Don’t be like me. Discuss this with your doctor first if you are taking prescribed medications!*
**i did not receive compensation for this review. It was entirely voluntary**


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