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Top 5 CBD Vape Kits : CBD weed pen reviews with Vape and Juice TV

ThatCBDguy brings you another CBD video, today talking about the Top 5 CBD vape kits. Looking for the right CBD vape kit to use for CBD eliquid or THC oil. The truth is, the type of CBD vape kit you use, does not have to complicated, nor expensive.

Vape and Juice TV list their top CBD vape kits that you can use. The video reviews:

– The Innokin Zenith Vape Kit
– Aspire Pockex vape pen
– Vape and Juice Athena refillable pod kit
– Innokin Endura T18ii vape pen

ThatCBDguy talks about why more simple CBD vape kits are better for vaping CBD eliquid than more high powered cloud vape kit.

CBD is an expensive product compared to traditional eliquids, so you don’t want to waste it by making huge vape clouds or by spilling it when refilling your tank.

Hopefully you find this CBD vape kit review video helpful. If you have any questions about CBD eliquid, full spectrum CBD or how to use CBD, then throw your questions in the comments below.

That’s been our Top 5 CBD vape kits review.

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