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Today's Cannabis News And Federal Marijuana Legalization Update

Here are your top cannabis headlines… FIRST UP,

GOP Congressman Requests Hearing On FDA’s Failure To Set CBD And Delta-8 THC Regulations –

New York Regulators Approve More Marijuana Cultivators As State Prepares To Launch Retail Sales ‘This Year’

New Hampshire House Votes To Give Senate ‘Another Chance’ At Passing Marijuana Legalization

Just a reminder – MAY is Mental Health Awareness month. You never know who is struggling with what.
If that’s you or someone you know – remember there are people who care… maybe it doesn’t feel that way sometimes but people do care, it’s part of our human nature. If it’s you – reach out… reach out to someone you know or find a qualified professional online to talk to.
And if you’re doing OK -reach out to that friend you know is going through a tough time, you never know when something as simple as a phone call or a hug will make a huge impact in a person’s life.


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