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Tips on How to Celebrate 420 When It’s Illegal


420 in Canada is quite a massive affair, but in other parts of the world that are less permissive, pot lovers may require some tips on how to celebrate 420 when it’s illegal.

Celebrating 420 even when it’s illegal is all about participating in global solidarity for cannabis without putting yourself in a precarious position. With that said, it’s no use sucking all the fun out of it and living in fear, so you should still make sure you’re enjoying yourself and having a memorable experience.

Here are some of our tips on how to celebrate 420 when it’s illegal and you’ve got to keep things low-key.

Host A Small Gathering at Home

Not to be confused with a house party, this celebration entails inviting a few (trusted) friends over to partake in the good stuff, watch some chill movies, play some games or jam out to some music. If you’re looking for community and camaraderie, this is the option for you.

However, you must be careful about being too conspicuous as neighbours may suspect something and tell on you.

Pro Tip: If you’re afraid of the smell attracting unwanted attention, stick to edibles. Prepare this well in advance and in small batches at a time so as to not arouse suspicion. However, if smoking is your preference, make sure you prep the space to mask the scent as much as possible. Air fresheners, incense and air purifiers may work wonders for you. You can also make your own sploof, which is a handy DIY device used to mask the smell of cannabis. Simply get an empty toilet paper roll and fill it with dryer sheets. Tape the end securely and blow your joint or bong smoke into the other end. Have a few of these lying around.

Clubs, Raves and Live Music

One of the challenges of living in a country where cannabis is illegal is that you may not know many people who also smoke. This suggestion for a 420 celebration is perfect for people who have one to two friends who partake.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a club that’s spinning some good tunes on the big night, or even a bar, pub or live event venue that’s providing some good music. With your small group of two to three people, you can easily head out for a night of partying while high.

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about being literally sniffed out, edibles would be the way to go. If you do intend to smoke, make sure you do so in a secluded or private area and try to mask the smell with perfume or cologne. Also, do finish your cannabis products before entering the venue as some places may perform bag checks. You can always disguise joints inside cigarette cases or in other more inventive ways as well. Typically, pubs and bars with small live music shows do not perform bag checks, so they are a safer bet.

Food Walk

This activity is more of a daytime celebration and is all about leaning into the munchies.

It’s especially appropriate for locations with a strong street food scene, as you can hop from place to place quickly, trying a wide variety of foods in small portions without spending a huge amount of money.

Obviously, the main downside of these outdoor activities is that there is little privacy for you to enjoy a good toke. You will have to be exceedingly careful if you plan on smoking.

Pro Tip: Vapes are probably the best option for if you want to smoke in public without arousing suspicion. Vapes tend to produce milder scents or scents that are not immediately identifiable as cannabis. With that said, it is difficult to acquire reliable cannabis vapes in many places where cannabis is illegal. In order to keep suspicion off your back while smoking a joint, try to smoke with smaller groups of people as a large group of individuals huddled together will attract attention. Make sure to sanitize your hands after and mask the scent with scented sprays.

The Age of Virtual Events

If COVID-19 has led to any positive outcomes, it is the proliferation of virtual events that allow connections across borders.

There are plenty of live events nowadays that will allow anyone to celebrate 420 with like-minded folks from all over the world. For instance, check out the events that were hosted last year.

For this year’s events, check out this list.

Pro Tip: From the privacy of your own room or home, you should be able to more comfortably enjoy your 420 celebrations. However, if you live with others who may not approve, you should take care to blow smoke out of a window or try to acquire edibles from someone else instead of baking your own. It is also important to remember that when it comes to edibles, a little can go a long way. This is especially important for the more public activities as obvious public intoxication can lead to detection.

Wherever you are in the world, people deserve to be able to consume cannabis peacefully and safely. That’s what 420 is all about! One day, we may not need anymore tips on how to celebrate 420 when it’s illegal. Till then, stay safe and high!


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