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Three Ways Cannabis Improves Your Social Skills


Social Awkwardness After The Pandemic  

Do you feel lost for words? Millions of other people feel the same way. The pandemic has brought upon the age of awkwardness, from the stress of social distancing measures, the shift to isolating remote work, the lack of facial expressions due to masks. The mask mandates are lifting, and society has to adapt once again. In-person communication has been awkward due to desensitization. But don’t fret — Cannabis is here to help you get back to your social norm. Here are three ways that cannabis can improve your social skills.

Cannabis Improves Verbal Episodic Memory

A research study published on ScienceDirect shows CBD boosts verbal episodic memory. Verbal episodic memory is the ability to recall words others have spoken. Obviously, that type of memory is helpful for you in numerous ways, like when desensitized to in-person socializing. Hearing and processing words is something you may not be used to after the pandemic due to working at home alone and solely interacting with your computer every day. It may take you a significant amount of time to process what someone is saying, leading to awkward conversations.

Now, this is where cannabis comes in.

Cannabidiol can increase your verbal episodic memory, helping you process verbal communication faster, without awkward pauses. You’ll remember previous conversations and be able to flow through the next part of the conversation, which is communication. For that, you’ll need to improve your verbal fluency.

Cannabis Improves Verbal Fluency

When socializing with others, there are generally two parts to a conversation.

There’s listening, and there’s communicating. Without these, there is no conversation, or connection, between people. You must be proficient at both to become someone other people want to socialize with; Cannabis can be an efficient support tool to help you get there.

Not only does cannabis increase verbal episodic memory, but it also improves verbal fluency. Verbal episodic memory is the ability to recall words, and verbal fluency is the ability to produce words. You require both abilities to socialize with others with ease. Basically, this is why many musical artists, or writers, tend to smoke cannabis to get into their “flow” state of mind, where words flow out as if they memorized the dictionary.

With cannabis, your ability to communicate what you’re trying to express with flow out, people will be amazed by how eloquent you speak.

cannabis improves social skills
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Cannabis Reduces Your Anxiety

Fearing what we say, how we act, what we look like, and what others think of us, as a result, can make us not want to socialize with others. When this happens, it is called social anxiety. It can be debilitating and make us not want to interact with others, which can be very unhealthy as social interaction is a human need.

Cannabis can help with anxiety — THC, and CBD, in cannabis can cross the blood-brain barrier and trigger blood flow changes in the brain linked with anxiety. This change in blood flow effectively reduces anxiety and helps us stay calm, relaxed, and stimulated.

The use of cannabis will result in you being able to handle your feelings of nervousness when engaging in conversation. 

Cannabis Product Use Cases For Improving Social Skills

There are a few ways of using cannabis products to improve your social skills depending on the situation.

The best cannabis product to use for social skills is a hybrid THC/CBD oil or edibles. The reason is that cannabis oil and edibles take longer to digest and slowly get processed in the bloodstream throughout the entire day. So, this allows cannabis to work its benefits for a longer duration of time. The benefits of cannabis oil or edibles are, depending on the dosage, that you may be able to complete your responsibilities while not feeling intoxicated.

However, if it’s a social outing, a party, or a concert, you may want to smoke a joint beforehand. Smoking or vaping will allow you to utilize cannabis in your system as soon as possible. Then, you are free to enjoy socializing with ease, lessened anxiety, and have a great time with others while those words flow out of you, like the eloquent conversationalist you are.

Have you been struggling with social anxiety recently? Do you struggle with conversations? What things have you done to improve your social skills? Let us know in the comments below. Follow us for more cannabis info.


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