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This Week in Cannabis News – May 16 to 22 2022

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Mid-Week Update:
Cresco & Columbia Care Q4:
Trulieve Q1:
Curaleaf Q1:
TerrAscend & Ayr Wellness Q4:

Direct to Pelosi to Support #SAFE in #AMERICACOMPETES:

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Pelosi Wants COMPETES/USICA Done By July 4th, May Get SAFE Answer By Then
1:24 – MA Adult Use Sales Exceed $3B in Total Since Launching in 2018
2:43 – Cresco Labs Announces First Quarter 2022 Results – Some Context, Q1 Highlights
5:20 – Walkthrough Statement From Operations, Y/Y Comparison, Balance Sheet
8:55 – Cresco Labs Call Notes via Todd Harrison – 9:22 – Cresco Gets NY Tax Break
9:50 – Trulieve Opening Stores 3 and 4 in WV, Stores 166 and 167 Nationwide
10:05 – FL Adds 3,956 Patients, 4 Dispensary Openings – 10:52 – FL Comp Sheet 5/20
11:40 – Cannabis Regulators Association Sends Letter to Congress Asking for SAFE
14:30 – As Another Dispensary Robbed, Thankfully No One Dead This Time
14:50 – More than 20 Senators Urge Congress to Include SAFE in America Competes
15:23 – Leafly’s Take on Blumenauer, SAFE Perfect Opportunity to Pass This Time…?
16:18 – NJ CRC Holding Next Meeting Tuesday May 24th, Will Update on Wednesday
16:45 – Rhode Island Legislation Moves Forward in Respective Chambers for Next Week
17:00 – Kansas House Minority Leader Making Final Push to Pass Medical
17:24 – Iowans Medical Patient List Growing Slowly But Surely, Now Up to 12,300
18:27 – Petition Circulating in ND to Place Legalization on 2022 Ballot
19:16 – MN Republicans Senators Block Legalization Vote For Now
19:54 – Study: Young Adults Consumption of Sin Substances Fell Post Legalization
21:08 – Reminder CAD Markets Closed on Mon 21:28 – Notable MSOS Ownership Changes
22:52 – Visual of Price to Sales Multiple – Cheap as in 2020 Yet Stronger Than EVER


This Week in Cannabis is a weekly recap of the Cannabis industry for retail investors to learn about the budding opportunity unfolding in North America before Cannabis goes global.

**This is not investment advice. It’s educational entertainment to help investors learn about the US Cannabis Industry. Invest at your risk. **


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