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This Week in Cannabis News – April 4 to April 10 2022

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MidWeek Update:
Cresco & Columbia Care Q4:
Trulieve Q4:
Curaleaf Q4:
TerrAscend & Ayr Wellness Q4:

Direct to Pelosi to Support #SAFE in #AMERICACOMPETES:

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – MT Sees Record March, Set to Create More Jobs & Tax Revenue Than Coal in 2022
2:04 – NM Rec Sales Brought in $700K in Tax Revenue in Opening Weekend Alone
2:35 – Clip of Rep. Perlmutter & Tr. Secretary Yellen, Yellen Shares Support for #SAFE
5:55 – Write Up From Aaron Edelheit – The SAFE Window, Perlmutter and Pelosi
7:24 – More Noise From ABA, Agreeing with WA State Treasurer Calling For SAFE in Senate
7:47 – And NCUA’s Vocal Rodney E. Hood, Expressing Need for SAFE, So Much Potential
9:25 – Back Into Unchartered Waters – Conference Breakdown, Many From Legal States
10:56 – States Collected More Than $3.7B in Tax Revenue in 2021 via MPP
12:09 – Legalization Tied to SIGNIFICANT Decrease in Foster Care Placement / Admission
13:34 – BTIG on US Canna After Global Canna Conference 14:08 – Jeffries on US Canna
14:23 – NY Bill To Require MSO’s to Clean Up Government’s 50 Year Policy Disaster?
15:15 – MSOs in NY Get Tax Break in New State Budget, Let Companies Deduct 280E
16:22 – MA Passes Social Equity Bill… Is Access to Opportunity More Equal in AZ & NM?
17:58 – Booker Aims For 4/20 to File CAOA According to Unusual Whales
18:30 – NJ Update – TerrAscend Says ATC’s Could Start Quickly If Approved on 4/11
19:43 – Curaleaf Announces Q1 2022 Earnings May 9th 2022
20:02 – New Poll Shows EU Market Ready For Rec Legalization & Regulated Sales
21:13 – FL Adds 3,088 Patients, Sales Slowed From March End But Still Strong
22:05 – KY Governor Says He’s Ready to Consider Giving Medical Access to Kentuckians
22:40 – MD Governor Lets Bill to Implement Legalization Take Effect Without Signature
23:00 – PA GOP Pushing for Adult Use Legalization, Talking Sense But Still Mostly Talk
23:30 – GA Medical Production Bill Falls One Vote Short, Forcing Patients to Blackmarket
24:00 – Constitutional Challenge to IL Cannabis Licensing Underway…
24:46 – DEA Says Canna Seeds Now Legal, Americans Get Healthiest Seed Back!
26:20 – Thailand Dreams of High End Canna Tourism After Legalization Takes Effect


This Week in Cannabis is a weekly recap of the Cannabis industry for retail investors to learn about the budding opportunity unfolding in North America before Cannabis goes global.

**This is not investment advice. It’s educational entertainment to help investors learn about the US Cannabis Industry. Invest at your risk. **


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