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January 24, 2022

CBD has been the “It Girl” of the cannabis world since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp cultivation at the federal level, and for good reason.

It seems like there’s a CBD effect for everybody. Now widely available in a huge range of formats, the powerful compound is often associated with a range of positive effects, including anti-inflammatory properties, calming relief from stress and anxiety, recovery from athletic activity and exertion, and even anti-seizure properties.


The complete guide to CBD (cannabidiol)

While the massive popularity of CBD has led to a treasure trove of CBD products and suppliers, the market can be difficult to navigate. Where do you start your search? What kinds of products are right for you? Which companies can you trust, and which do you need to steer away from?

Enter BATCH. The Wisconsin-born-and-bred CBD company is a standout brand with a handcrafted, do-it-yourself ethos that’s no secret

CBD subscription
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Formerly known as Wisconsin Hemp Scientific, BATCH offers a boutique line of premium CBD products for seasoned and curious CBD consumers alike. Focused on producing only high-quality, full spectrum, and safe hemp products, BATCH wants consumers to be able to personalize their CBD regimen precisely to their lifestyle needs.

With their new subscription program, BATCH aims to make this goal more accessible than ever, simplifying the CBD shopping process and allowing consumers to take the stress out of navigating the CBD market.

Save 40% on your first two recurring purchases with BATCH when you use code LEAF40.


BATCH began in 2018 as the passion project of three University of Wisconsin-Madison graduates and friends. Since its start as Wisconsin Hemp Scientific, BATCH has dedicated itself to cultivating the highest quality CBD products available with full transparency through and through. Rather than hide behind proprietary methods, BATCH puts its people, personality, and values upfront for all to see. 

CBD subscription
Courtesy of BATCH

Playing on its proud Wisconsin roots, BATCH models itself more after craft breweries than a faceless CBD conglomerate, taking a hand-crafted, batch-by-batch approach. As an open invitation, BATCH lets anyone call ahead and take tours of their operation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Speaking of the operation: BATCH is vertically integrated, meaning that everything from the cultivation of buds to the extraction process to the product design happens under one proverbial roof.

From the ground up, the company is a fully in-house business, without intermediaries or outside influences. This approach allows BATCH to maintain its transparency (including about its love for the Green Bay Packers) and produce high-quality, full spectrum, safe hemp products that focus on function and keeping ingredients to the bare essentials. Top it all off with gorgeous, obsession-worthy packaging, and BATCH is a name that you’ll love to see on your shelf. 

What to include in your subscription?

CBD subscription
Courtesy of BATCH

The new subscription program by BATCH is a game-changer for the CBD market. A subscription allows you to streamline your CBD regimen, with a curated and personalized selection of CBD products automatically sent to your door on a regular schedule. Even better: customers who sign up for a 30- or 60-day subscription get 25% off every product. So not only does the subscription make it easier to get what you need, it makes it more affordable, too.

And the subscription program comes with other insider benefits, including free shipping (and a free priority shipping option), early access to new products, seasonal products, and special deals, and other membership promos and offers only available to subscribers. Subscribers can even look forward to the occasional random care package delivered as a sporadic surprise from the brand. Keeping with the BATCH commitment to full transparency, customers can opt out of the subscription service at any time.

So, a BATCH subscription is pretty sweet, but with so much good stuff to choose from, what should you include in yours? One consistent top pick is the brand’s CBD Gummies. Delivering 25mg of CBD in every bite, these full spectrum gummies are vegan and use all-natural ingredients, with yummy flavors including blueberry, raspberry, and mango. BATCH gummies are ideal for getting your CBD on the go.

Courtesy of BATCH

For those who prefer classic CBD oil, the BATCH tincture blend is available in 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, and 3000mg concentrations. 

For muscle soreness and aches and pains in the body, the Fire & Ice CBD Relief Balm is a great choice. Offered in a convenient stick, this product contains 1250mg of rich Wisconsin full spectrum CBD, allowing customers to easily apply CBD relief directly at the point of soreness. Jojoba oil, camphor, and menthol add to the effects of the Relief Balm, making for a comprehensive pain relief experience.

It’s worth noting that since BATCH’s CBD Gummies come in packs of 30 and the tincture blend includes 60 doses, the products are perfectly aligned for a monthly or bi-monthly subscription model.

If you’re looking to try out a selection of BATCH’s most popular products to find your favorites for a lower initial cost, you’re in luck. The brand offers the CBD Sampler Pack that includes sample sizes of the CBD Gummies, CBD Oil Tincture Blend, Fire & Ice CBD Relief Balm, and CBD softgels.

Courtesy of BATCH

The BATCH subscription program might just be the perfect way to meet your personal CBD needs, but if you’re still testing the waters, take advantage of the brand’s free sample program.

Plus, BATCH is making it even sweeter for Leafly readers to start trying their products: right now, use code LEAF40 and first-time customers will receive 40% off all subscription orders for your first two recurring orders with BATCH. The code does not apply to one-time purchases.



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