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The Top Cannabis Toking Games to Get You High AF in 2022


cannabis smoking games


Throwing a stoner get together and worried about entertainment? Most people think about board games or some form of digital entertainment, however – depending on the size of your gathering, the following cannabis-based games can help you keep your guests entertained and stoned to the max. Of course, some of these games are more “endurance based” meaning, it probably wouldn’t be the best for everyone to get involved – however, if you have a few “heavy hitters” in the crowd, it might be a great entertainment to see them face off.


In today’s article, I’m going to be taking a closer look at some of the most interesting stoner party games that can help you get higher.  Some of these games are meant to be played by a smaller group, while others may have a broader appeal. Nonetheless, the sole purpose of these games is to enhance your probabilities of getting “shploopied” beyond imagination.


Here we go!


Mexican Red Eye – A Stoner Stand Off


This game is best played when there are three to five participants. The lower the number of players, the easier it is. The “Mexican Red Eye” gets its name from the concept of a “Mexican Standoff”, which references a stalemate best illustrated by gunmen pointing their loaded weapons at each other. It’s essentially Mutually Assured Destruction. If you’re still not able to visualize what I’m talking about, you can check this video to see 10 great illustrations of the concept.


Within the same vein of the Mexican Standoff, the Mexican Red Eye is a challenge of endurance where each participant takes a hit and holds it until the joint or blunt reaches them again. They are only allowed to exhale once the joint made a full rotation in the circle which is why “less is easier”. When you have 5 participants, you could wait between 20-30 seconds before you get to breathe again. And just as you’re feeling the relief of being able to exhale, you’re forced to take another hit because the person waiting in line is also in desperate need of breathing.


If you cough or exhale before it’s your time to take a hit, you’re disqualified and the game continues on until there is a single victor crowned.


The MacDoober Challenge


A MacGyver Stoner is a person who can seemingly turn any random object into a smoking utensil. The term was popularized in the movie Half-Baked and since then carved out an archetype within the cannabis culture. But what happens when two or more MacGyver stoners show up at the same party? Well a “MacDoober Challenge” of course!


What is the MacDoober Challenge you may be thinking? Depending on the size of your gathering and the number of participants in the game – the challenge is simple.

  1. Collect random items and place the exact same number of items in different bags that isn’t see through. These items are collected by “non-participants” and must be as random as possible while still being a potential “part” in a rig of sorts.

  2. Each of the participants will then pick a bag. This can be decided by flipping a coin or some other means of deciding who goes first, second, and so forth.

  3. Once the bags have been given to the participants, they will have 10 minutes to use as many as the parts within their rig or device. The best design wins!


The judges are the people who’s going to be smoking from the pieces throughout the evening. While this isn’t as immersive as the other games on the list, it certainly does have high entertainment value.


The Curse of the Traveling Trash!


This game isn’t specifically cannabis-focused, but it’s a game I used to play with my stoner buddies back in the day. The game works only if all the participants agree to respect the integrity of the game. If you cheat, you mess it up for everyone.


So how does the “curse of the traveling trash work?”


It’s a devious game of deception and constant one-upping one another. In essence, all you need is an empty box of something you all use often. When I was playing the game, we all smoked cigarettes, so an empty box our favorite brand was the object.


If you don’t smoke tobacco, you could substitute it for an empty pack of rolling papers, or some mints or anything of the sorts. The idea behind “The Trash” is that it needs to blend in with the environment to make you forget about its presence. Once this object has been established, it’s time to play the game.


The rules are incredibly simple – you can never throw away “The Trash” and can only give it to someone who willfully accepts it. For example, if you’re playing with some mints you could simply offer another player one when they least expect it. When they open the pack to find that they now are cursed with “The Trash”, the game truly begins.


This game is all about outwitting the other players and seeing how long you can make someone stay holding “The Trash”. With the cigarette pack, it was a perfect fit since we all were incredibly addicted to tobacco back then – thank the ganja gods I kicked that habit – having a pack in our presence was something quite routine.


Nonetheless, once you find “The Trash”, you’ll want to mark it so you know that it hasn’t been tampered with. It’s a great game to play throughout an entire road trip or weekend get-away.


Straightface Stoner


This is a game I saw on a list when I was doing research for this article. Here the rules are also very simple and should be discussed by your smoking circle beforehand. Basically, at any given time during any given smoking session, any one of the members can say out loud, “Straight-face stoner!” which would mean that from that moment forward, no one would be allowed to smile or laugh. The first person to break Straight-face loses and would need to experience the group’s pre-determined penalty. The penalty can be anything you want really, like “sponsoring the next blunt” or “going on a munchie run” or something as simple as “losing their next hit in the cycle”.


The sticky bottom line


When there’s weed, there’s entertainment. Nothing more to be said about that. Hopefully these games will inspire you to create your unique rites and rituals for smoking. If you have something you’d like to share, let me know in the comments.






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