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The Strings Connecting Cannabis and Yoga


Chilling out and finding inner peace has been gaining popularity in this modern world that is buzzing with noise and bursting with energy. To combat the mounting stress, both yoga and cannabis provide venues to escape. These ‘tools’ enable people to find their quiet spots or happy places, even for just a speck of a moment.

The Common Denominators

Yoga, in its purest form, aligns a person’s mental and physical well-being. The breathing patterns, movements, and poses trigger a state of calmness and solitude. The practice impels the yogi to be grounded and connected with one’s inner self. The hyper-awareness in the stillness and silence during the practice creates that instant spark of living in the moment and letting go.

Comparatively, cannabis use alleviates pain and soothes discomfort, as proven by its many medicinal uses. It transforms the body from a state of tension to a state of relaxation. The psychoactive compound in cannabis liberates both the mind and the body. Scientifically speaking, cannabis was found to affect the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for the human body’s ‘homeostasis’ or a state of steadiness. The body’s equilibrium is now deemed to be a prerequisite for all our other bodily functions to operate effectively.

That state of flow when practicing yoga and ingesting cannabis is the desired disposition — a balanced state. And lo and behold, ganja yoga provides a venue to do just that!

The Growing Popularity of Ganja Yoga

More and more yogis around the globe are adding twists and variations to their practice. They either aim to modernize, excite, innovate, or just be experimental. Among the most popular sub-forms of the practice are Aerial Yoga, Hot Yoga, Paddleboard Yoga, and even Naked Yoga. These ‘niche’ forms of yoga also paved the way for ‘fusion’ practices, among them is Ganja Yoga.

Ganja Yoga fuses the practice with cannabis use for a more elevated experience. It aims to connect and integrate the body and the mind, which makes the practice well-rounded and holistic. Cannabis, when used during yoga, catalyzes the body to enter a state of deep relaxation. However, this blended practice follows specific rules for maximum benefit. For instance, slower versions of yoga best fit given how cannabis increases circulation and pressure.

The practice of using puffing cannabis before practicing yoga is not an entirely new discovery. In ancient history, yogis have used medicinal herbs to complement and aid their practice. Centuries ago, these herbs were not just used during practice, but also in during worship. In the modern world, the intensified experience due to cannabis also logically expands the benefits of practicing yoga. Moreover, the many spiritual facets of cannabis that have long existed are now gaining traction and being modernized.

Soaking in the Vibe

For those who have already experienced ganja yoga, they shared how quicker and easier they ‘dropped’ and relaxed due to cannabis. The combo also heightened their senses which enhanced their total experience. Every muscle movement was felt, and breathing was more prominent. The developed sensitivity allowed them to absorb all the good energies during their practice.

Furthermore, the expanded ‘space’ that cannabis creates helps yogis become more mindful and connected with their inner beings. From a more scientific perspective, Ganja Yoga specifically helped yogis with perennial problems of muscle stiffness or even muscle soreness.

Ganja yoga may be practiced alone, in the solace of your own space, or with your fellow yogis in a class setting. The latter version is enjoyed by those who take solace in meshing their energies with their fellow yogis. Others are experiencing it on a larger scale, such as festivals where both cannabis and yoga activities are offered.

Now more than ever, people actively chase to be healed not just physically, but spiritually, mentally, and emotionally as well. Restoring and reinvigorating the mind, body, and spirit is the overall goal of the modern citizen. For some, practicing yoga, using cannabis, or doing both at the same time helps them reach this ever-elusive human goal.

No matter how you want to dip your toes into this novel and unconventional practice, just soak in the vibe and enjoy the voyage!

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