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The Story of Little Caesar Shane


little ceasars pizza

On the Reddit Thread “Made Me Smile”, a video appeared that illustrated the underlying “feeling” of cannabis and the cannabis community. The post entitled, “Marijuana brings out the worst in people” also…marijuana” has a video attached to it showing a woman in a drive through extending what appears to be a blunt to a dude who’s running towards her.


When the guy reaches the joint, he takes a couple of hits while noticing someone else jump out of their car to join on the impromptu smoke out. Politely, the guy passes the joint back to the “original stoner”, who then encourages the guy to pass it to the next person. Just as that guy takes a hit, a girl comes jogging onto the scene to partake from the communal joint. All the while the drive through attendant is laughing at what’s happening. Suddenly, from behind the person filming comes another figure running up and behold – she too has a joint and passes it to the original stoner. This sends the drive through attendant laughing hysterically, not able to comprehend what is going on. Eventually, the original joint makes it back to the driver who then hands it to the drive through attendant – who decides, “Fuck it, it’s time to smoke up!”


This all transpired in the fifty seconds the video lasted.


The first time you watch the video, it certainly captivates the ethos of marijuana. A community of familiar strangers willing to share a joint no matter who you are. It was a perfect embodiment of what happens when stoners align.


I decided to take a look at the 1386 comments on the post when suddenly, I stumbled on one of the most fucked up stories by one of the commenters. This article is dedicated to THAT story!


The Story of Little Caesar Shane


I begin reading the comments, trying to get a feel for what everybody is vibing with the video they saw when suddenly Jaderholt439 drops the following;



1997, My buddy Shane’s aunt was the manager at Little Caesars; she made him asst manager. He hired all his friends. She worked the day so she was never there at night. He put Cory on cash register, Wes on the phone, me boxing n oven, he made the pizza, n his gf as dishwasher.


We all decided to take shrooms one Friday night. A bunch of 17 year old kids running a little Caesars on shrooms on a busy night. Wes couldn’t understand anyone on the phone, Cory couldn’t figure out money or the register, Shane took forever to make pizza that had 4 pepperoni, I was afraid of the oven, n we didn’t hear much from his gf bc she spent the night giggling in the freezer.


This was definitely the beginning of an epic story. People were obviously interested and seeing that this comment got 581 upvotes, it seems that people wanted to know more. Someone said, “I hope you all are still friends” when Jader responded;

Crazy story. Shane turned out to b the biggest scumbag and a possible serial killer. His mo is giving people hot shots. Several girls, his mom, a few dudes. Bodies found, people missing.


 That makes the story all the more alluring, it’s a wonder that Netflix still hasn’t picked this one up. For people who don’t know what “Hot Shots” are…and I certainly didn’t, Jader explained…


Shooting someone up w/ either bad drugs or too much to where it kills you.


Now we’ve got a bunch of teens, with a possible serial killer eating mushrooms on a Friday night in Little Caesars during a busy shift. At this point, the story was almost complete. It felt like Shane could have been a perfect victim of Dexter Morgan or something similar, perhaps making the audience ask – “how does one get to become like Shane”.


Fortunately, Jader had the answer;


Oh man. Shane’s dad was in prison since Shane was 3 for killing a young man w/ a pool cue. His mom(named Militia) was in prison for robbing a store w/ a compound bow. He lived w/ his grandparents, who raised fighting roosters. And a coincidence is, his grandparents were bootleggers that my parents recognized from when they were young.


This is Alabama btw.


According to Jader, there were eight bodies connected to Shane including his mother. There was probably a lot more. Perhaps the reason this story hit so hard was that the video you watch right before it is so uplifting, that the scene in Little Caesar’s with a bunch of kids on shrooms not knowing what’s up seems comical.


But then, the sudden twist that one of the people in the scene could indeed be a serial killer with an modus operandi to inject his victim with bad drugs…it creates a unique moment of DAFUQ to the tenth degree.


Do yourself a favor…


That story happened to inspire many more stories that can be found in the thread of the video. Drug stories are typically some of the more dynamic and “fun” stories from our youth. I remember when I was running in graveyards doing blowouts with a headful of LSD, or walking in the desert looking for Peyote. By the way, we found a whole lot of it and cooked it for days…or the summer we smoked a pound of salvia.


The point being, if you’re looking for a bit of entertainment, definitely do yourself the favor to read the comment section of the Reddit post. There’s a whole bunch of nostalgic stuff, border lining the Big Lebowski level shenanigans. Definitely something to do while you’re toking on a blunt of your own.


So do you have a crazy story like “Little Caesar Shane”. If you do, why not drop a line in the comment section and let’s share some nostalgia.






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