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The Stoner’s Guide to Surviving 2022


stoners guide 2022

I recently wrote a piece about whether “Stoner Culture” would survive beyond 2022. I personally believe that it will and for the rest of the stoners out there who believe the same – I have created this short and powerful guide to surviving 2022.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that stoners are the ones that are doing the best under our Orwellian reality and will be the very people to help us get through the shitshow we know as “Covid”. Now, before we get into the rest of this article I think it’s important to point out that everyone should have a right to take an informed decision about their health. This means that they should be able to take a vaccine if they want to or not.

In the same spirit of this argument, I also don’t believe that we should force these vaccines or even coerce people into taking it by literally removing their freedoms and turning them into second-class citizens if they choose to abstain. Why? Because irrespective of whether you believe these vaccines is the only way to get out of the pandemic – we should not do it by violating the Nuremberg Code. If you haven’t read that document – I encourage that you do READ IT HERE and make up your own mind on whether our current approach is in violation of it or not.

Don’t let Fact Checkers sell you their opinions as facts – exercise your own critical thinking and make up your own mind.

Nonetheless, I will stop talking about my personal views on how things are being handled and will not pivot towards how us stoners will make it through 2022.

Take More Mindful Tokes

Many people turned to weed to escape the pandemic, however – if you happened to read one of my recent articles, you’ll know that a “mindfulness toke” can provide you with a lot more benefit than escapism. Mindfulness toking in essence is simply being very “present” when you smoke. Many times, we use cannabis as a distraction to our internal problems – mindfulness toking looks at your anxiety straight in the face and instead of letting it go – we begin to observe it.

For the stoners out there, take a toke and reflect about your life, what you’re doing and how you’d like to change it for the better. Often times, internal changes reflect on external situations and if you can find peace within the pandemic – you can find peace anywhere!

Grow some weed!

One thing to teach you patience is growing weed. Not only will you get the benefits of getting your own weed, you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of what it means to grow and consume weed. Of course, some of you might not be able to grow your own weed legally and I would “never” recommend that you grow weed illegally. I mean, never “grow in your closet” or “buy a tent” if you fear getting caught by the cops.

Fortunately, I wrote extensively on these topics and how to grow without getting caught by the man. I also wrote on how to build a grow room that can produce non-stop weed. Growing your own weed is a fantastic way to reduce your stress and gain some good ganj as a result. If we’re going to have to wait a year or two then watching a marvelous plant grow is a great way to spend your time.

It’s okay to have doubts…

One thing that has become painfully obvious about this Pandemic is that there are major narratives being pushed. If you aren’t “team vaccine” or “team government” – you’re immediately ostracized and made to feel like a complete fuckhead that has no understanding of life.

The truth is, “Fact checkers” is simply a new term for propaganda. The truth is that during this entire pandemic, roughly 0.007% of the world’s population has died as a result. Most people will survive being affected – I know I have and many others who have contracted the virus.

If you have doubts, don’t let the others make you feel inferior. The scientific method is about questioning, it’s about going against the “consensus” and working things out for yourself. I think we need to “trust less” in the science and rather “become more scientific in our decisions”. To blindly “trust” the science is not science but scientism – therefore, it’s okay for you to have doubts, it’s okay for you to have questions and it’s DEFINITELY okay to distrust Big Pharma and the Government. Historically, you’re in the right side of things.

Stop watching Mainstream news, Limit social media

One of the biggest issues this pandemic is people are obsessed with the news and social media. Limit this in your life and you’ll immediately start feeling better.

Spend meaningful time with people…

We’re told that we need to isolate, however – humans do far better when they have meaningful relationships with others. This is because the human is a social creature. It’s partly the reason why being “excommunicated” or “banished” from society was a fate worse than death.

While the advice of our time is to hide our faces and isolate away from people – if you don’t have any Covid Symptoms, aren’t coughing or sneezing all the time – you’ll be fine hanging out with other people. Of course, don’t go around and do so without any caution – but make meaningful connections with the people and truly work on deepening your relationships. These will carry you through the hardest of times.

Do some exercise

It turns out that stoners are more active than non-stoners. Continue going out for walks, continue going on hikes, ride your bike, do your yoga – be active. Not only will cannabis help elevate the enjoyability of the exercise, it will also help you recover more quickly.

Being healthy is probably one of the best defenses against this pandemic.


I don’t know how long this pandemic will last. The CEO of Pfizer wants to push it to 2024 – which is totally not about the safety of the masses but more about the safety of profit margins. Ultimately, you need to take care of your own mental health and physical health.

If getting a vaccine helps you, go get it. If it doesn’t, then don’t.

If you have to choose between your employment and getting the jab – read the Nuremberg codes and see if it gels or not. If you have to take it but don’t want to – but still do because you need to feed your family – don’t feel bad about it.

Stoners will not judge you for taking it or not – at least OG stoners won’t. Ultimately, you are the Alpha and the Omega of your own decisions. Simply embrace that which makes you feel empowered, healthy, happy, and free – and diminish that which makes you feel the opposite.






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