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The Shocking Truth About Marijuana: Debunking the Myths with Dr. Raymond Wiggins

Dr. Raymond Wiggins is a dentist and MD with almost three decades of experience in healthcare. He has served in various leadership roles and has owned his own practice for over 20 years. Dr. Wiggins has personally sedated over 27,000 patients and has seen the devastating effects of marijuana in his patients, family, and friends. He is the author of “Weeding out the Lies about Marijuana.”

Dr. Raymond Wiggins, author of “Weeding out the Lies about Marijuana,” joins Mr. Biz Radio to discuss the dangers associated with marijuana. He shares his personal experiences with the drug and the effects he has witnessed in his patients. Dr. Wiggins clarifies the terminology surrounding marijuana, including the differences between cannabis, marijuana, THC, and CBD. He explains the significance of delta eight THC and the risks associated with its use. The conversation also delves into the potency of marijuana today compared to previous generations and the long-term effects on the body, including the brain, heart, lungs, and mental health. Dr. Wiggins emphasizes the increased risk of addiction and the potential for negative outcomes, such as strokes, heart attacks, and mental health issues

Key Takeaways:

1. Marijuana has become significantly more potent over the years, with the average potency now at 23% compared to 1-2% in the past.
2. High potency marijuana carries a four times higher risk of addiction and can lead to various health problems, including mental health issues, heart attacks, strokes, and lung damage.
3. Edibles have a delayed and variable onset of effects compared to smoking, which can lead to accidental overdoses.
4. Delta eight THC, while technically legal, can still contain delta nine THC, which can result in failed drug tests and legal complications.
5. Marijuana use is associated with a drop in IQ, increased risk of depression, suicide attempts, and schizophrenia.


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