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The Rise of Cannabis Seltzers


cannabis seltzers

Seltzers are essentially carbonated water.


Carbon dioxide is responsible for turning otherwise flat water into this fizzy drink into a tasty and refreshing beverage, especially when you add flavorings in. But these days, two types of seltzers in particular have become popular: hard seltzers, which are essentially seltzers that are formulated with alcohol to get you drunk, and the other is cannabis seltzers, which are infused with THC, CBD, or both.


Alcohol Replacement?


Unlike hard seltzers, cannabis seltzers can get you high, though of course that depends on just how much THC or CBD is in it. It can be a great alternative to those who want to cut down or quit alcohol without having to give up the social factor of having a drink when you’re around people or in a party.


It’s no surprise why they are rising in popularity: more people are cutting back on booze just as recreational weed is becoming popular. You can opt for a microdose, as cannabis seltzer companies offer just as little as 2mg THC but there are also drinks that have a higher THC content. Alternatively, there are CBD seltzers around for those who just want to kick back and relax without getting high.


And unlike edibles, which can take notoriously long for its effects to kick in, cannabis beverages such as seltzers take effect much quicker – sometimes as soon as it touches your tongue. These fast-acting seltzers make them appealing to the social crowds who no longer want to experience dreaded hangovers that alcohol give you; they’re a terrific alternative to booze and they also come in tasty flavors.


There are also of course the market segment that enjoy a strong buzz of potent THC in their cannabis seltzers, and the many options for this in the market make this easy to do. You can also chug the cans down like you would a can of beer or glasses of wine and cocktails, and get the same buzz. But what makes them pretty appealing is that they also have the health benefits that come from THC and cannabis in general.


The main obstacle as to why cannabinoid drinks such as seltzers are more of a latecomer in the market is because CBD and THC don’t mix well with water. While they do perform well when made into edibles or topicals, the drug-delivery mechanisms available for the beverage market took a while to develop and until the rise of nanotechnology and nano emulsions, it wasn’t a reality for beverage companies.


Growth Opportunities


There have been studies looking into the rise of hard seltzers in the American market, showing just how popular they are especially if you add CBD.


One study, whose results were published in September 2021, was conducted by a consumer insights platform called Veylinx. They analyzed behavioral research to forecast purchasing habits, and for the study they assessed 8 hard seltzer brands: White Claw, Truly, Topo Chico, Bud Light, Smirnoff, Corona, AriZona, Bon Viv, and SunRise. They also analyzed 8 benefits so that they could have a better picture of which product innovations would be valued the most by consumers, and which ones would affect their willingness to pay.


They found that all added benefits, including a high alcohol content, low alcohol content, kombucha, energy, immunity, vitamins, CBD, and sustainable packaging, all increased consumer purchase interest. However, they found that when the idea of adding CBD was discussed, it increased demand by an average of 12% while enhancing drinks with kombucha reduced demand by 6%.


CBD Beverage Market


Given the sheer popularity of CBD as a key component of overall wellness, plus the fact that it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects makes it desirable across a wide range of demographics. It isn’t addictive and it can’t be abused, but it can surely relax you more effectively than a glass of wine or a Xanax without the harmful side effects.


For these reasons, businesses are finding that infusing beverages with cannabis, including seltzers, is popular among consumers.


A report produced by Facts & Factors revealed that the global CBD infused drink market can reach more than 14,600 million by 2026. “The market for CBD-infused drinks is largely driven by the rising authorization and certification for recreational cannabis in countries, such as the United States and Canada. Furthermore, because of the increasing incidence of numerous respiratory disorders, there is a growing movement away from smoking cannabis and adopting healthier edible options, which is pushing the market growth,” reads the report.


It also lists other reasons why CBD is growing as a top ingredient choice in beverages such as the wide accessibility of its use in different drink types, the fact that many key players are already investing in it, and its use by medical patients including those who have cancer and other diseases.


Cannabis Seltzers To Try


If you want to give cannabis seltzers a try, here are some excellent products that give you a delicious buzz with THC or will relax you with its CBD:


  • Pabst Blue Ribbon THC Seltzers: Hailed as one of the best tasting cannabis seltzers out there, you can choose from a wide range of flavors and varying THC:CBD ratios in each drink. This is recommended for newbies as their THC is on the milder side.

  • Recess CBD Sparkling Water: If you’re after the calming and sedating properties of CBD, Recess’ line of canned seltzers and powders are a terrific antidote to stress.

  • Drink CANN: CANN’s popularity is sweeping the nation, and they are a big player in the scene. They have great-tasting seltzers in different sizes too!

  • Levia – In Massachusetts, this brands is sold out almost immediately after hitting the shelfs in dispensary, if you can find it, grab a 6-pack!

  • Klaus – the new release from legendary cannabis mixologist Warren Bobrow, this THC-infused beverages is a work of art!


Have you tried cannabis seltzers? Which drinks did you like the most?












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