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The Rick & Bubba Show – LIVE – November 16, 2023

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Biden Buddies Up with ‘Dictator’ Xi | Daily Best of November 16 | Rick & Bubba

President Joe Biden and Chinese “President” Xi Jinping sat down together in the newly cleaned city of San Fransisco for an annual summit, and Joe continued to deliver the gaffes. Joe tried to walk back the previous incident of calling Xi a “dictator,” then proceeded to call Xi a dictator again. Joe then held a press conference in which he couldn’t even follow the script of preselected journalists he was supposed to call on. There are fireworks, concerts, and celebration in “Commiefornia,” while the rest of world seems to be on fire. MyPillow founder Mike Lindell joins us to talk business, and business is good (no thanks to the U.S. government). We weigh the pros and cons of self-checkout. And Producer Adler updates us on “The Golden Bachelor” even thought he claims not to be a fan of the show.

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