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The Holistic Approach to Procuring Quality PV Modules

What Can PV Module Buyers Be Doing to Mitigate Procurement Quality Risk?

The solar industry is simultaneously experiencing the highest demand, fastest technological innovation, and greatest uncertainty in its history. These facets have all contributed to a rapidly changing environment where technologies, factories, workshops, and workers are updated, replaced, and brought online at an unprecedented pace – leading to greater risk in module quality.

Furthermore, in the wake of the recent AD/CVD investigation announcement in the U.S., many PV buyers may turn to suppliers they have not purchased from before. What can PV module buyers be doing to mitigate module procurement risk and protect their investments?

In this joint webinar, experts from Clean Energy Associates (CEA), PVEL and Strata Clean Energy discuss best practices to help ensure developers are procuring quality PV modules. The panel is moderated by Suncast Podcast host Nico Johnson.

George Touloupas, Senior Director of Technology & Quality at CEA, shares insights from the company’s Golden Standard which standardizes the contracting process for all the critical requirements, from product testing specs to quality inspection details. Approaching contracting with a detailed standard set of requirements and technical exhibits can help greatly, especially if done early to avoid difficult last-minute negotiations.

Tristan Erion-Lorico, PVEL’s Head of PV Module Business, discusses recent test results and their bill of materials (BOM) dependence, leveraging over ten years of accumulated lab and field data. PVEL also demonstrates how the Product Qualification Program (PQP) fills the gap between product certification and downstream buyers’ necessary due diligence.

Finally, Strata Clean Energy’s Leni John and William Johnson highlight their focus on quality, reliability, and long-term value by sharing real-world examples of the module quality assurance challenges they have faced and describing the solutions their QA partners have provided.


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