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The Hemp Cartels Asteroids Review, Delta 8, CBG & CBD. Nice to try, but pass for me!

21 & 18 years old only. This is my personal thoughts on Delta 8 THC. It’s legal in all states as it comes from the hemp plant and contains less then 0.3% Delta 9 THC

I am a medical marijuana patient and I am giving my personal thoughts and how I like using Delta 8 and Delta 9! Any products you see or hear about are bought with my own funding or sent to me for free. There is no paid backing behind my opinion. Cannabis is legal in my state for Medical and Recreational use for 21 and older!

Today we are talking about The Hemp Cartels Delta 8 , CBD and CBG Asteroids. A very interesting looking bud with some fruity smells to it. It’s covered in isolate and very powdery it! You can and should grind these up if you try them out! I’m glad I got to say I tried but just not for me. They offered a refreshing relaxing feel to it but and a nice deep body effect with a cerebral thump. We smoked a whole blunt of them and a vaped a bowl. The medicinal effects out weighted the recreational potency for us. More of a morning or day time smoke nothing over the top. Nice fruity and sour terps with a bit of cream and a earthy waxing finish. This thing burned forever 😂. Wish it was a bit more potent but definitely something interesting to say I had tried out. Very good quality flower just no space journeys for us today!

If your looking for that ⛽🔥🔥🔥🔥 check out the Purple Kush, Gorilla Glue and Granola Funk !!?! Those are the ones I’d recommend trying out from The Hemp Cartels.

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If you wanna know if Delta 8 THC really works check out my other reviews! Delta 8 THC is an amazing alternative to Delta 9 products. It’s a legal and safe way to consume cannabinoids legally!

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