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The Flavor Chase | 02 | Review | CBD Hash by FLWR Club | TRUE CBD HEMP CANNABIS HASH

00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Episode
00:31 – Welcome and introduction to hash
03:53 – Bubba Kush
07:13 – Berry Haze
10:50 – Citrus Berry
15:20 – Final Thoughts and Shelf Placements
21:45 – Outro Monologue
Welcome to The Flavor Chase, a show centered around the search for top shelf cannabis flower and products in the Type 1 – 4 world. For anyone unfamiliar…

Type 1 = THC dominant cannabis
Type 2 = THC:CBD:CBG:CBDV:THCV:CBC mixed ratio cannabis
Type 3 = CBD dominant cannabis
Type 4 = CBG or CBDV dominant cannabis

Who’s got the best flower? Concentrates? Edibles? Let’s find out together. Check out as more content will be added in the near future.
I was contacted by FLWR Club to review some of their CBD hash. FLWR Club produces true bubble (ice water) hash, pre-rolls and edibles at great prices. I was supplied with 3 strains to try: Bubba Kush, Berry Haze and Citrus Berry. What shelf will these 3 hashes get placed on? Low tier, Mids or Top Shelf? Tune in to today’s episode to find out.


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