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The Flavor Chase | 01 | Review | Shabazz Premium CBD Moon Rocks

00:00 – Disclaimer
00:01 – Intro
01:05 – Episode screen
01:12 – Welcome & New Grading System
04:21 – Appearance and Nose
05:32 – Smoke Test
09:36 – Final Thoughts and Grade
14:37 – Outro
Welcome to The Flavor Chase, a show centered around the search for top shelf cannabis flower and products in the Type 1 – 4 world. For anyone unfamiliar…

Type 1 = THC dominant cannabis
Type 2 = THC:CBD:CBG:CBDV:THCV:CBC mixed ratio cannabis
Type 3 = CBD dominant cannabis
Type 4 = CBG or CBDV dominant cannabis

Who’s got the best flower? Concentrates? Edibles? Let’s find out together. Check out as more content will be added in the near future.
Shabazz CBD Moon Rocks are a new Type 3 product on the market. A combination of indoor flower cultivated by Zoe Therapeutics that has been wrapped in live resin from Sauce Warehouse and coated in kief from @horncreekfarm1595. @ShabazzYT has been making waves in the Type 3 scene and has become a valuable resource for the growing community of consumers. Known for his blunt honesty and often accurate descriptions of strains, he has become a trusted voice in the space. In a recent collaboration with a Nevada based manufacturer, Shabazz has released what he believes to be true premium moon rocks to the scene. None of that Delta-8, just true full spectrum cannabinoids. These Moon Rocks were provided for free in an exchange for honest feedback. I am in no way associated with the manufacturer of this product, but do communicate with Shabazz from time to time.


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