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The David vs Goliath Cannabis Industry


Columbia Care gets bought by Cresco

In a deal worth over $2 billion, giant cannabis producer, Cresco Labs, is prepared to take over Columbia Care. This deal would expand Cresco’s retail footprint to eighteen other states. In short, Cresco Labs would become the frontrunner in cannabis retail sales in North America.


Cresco Labs and Columbia Care are two of the top ten cannabis businesses in North America. The purchase of Columbia Care by its long-standing rival for over $2 billion will be one of the biggest deals in the budding legal global cannabis space. This business deal will merge two fundamental operators in the cannabis sector and create a new leader with the best of both companies. Columbia Care, with its leading footprints, and Cresco Labs, its on-brand and competitive excellence. This merge will be the envy of other top shots in space.


Charles Bachtel, the CEO of Cresco Labs, said that the union of the two companies lays the ground for long-term growth on an unmatched scale. The company will have sufficient diversification and depth. He described the partnership as “highly complementary.” In his official statement, Bachtel promised that the merged body would be the highest revenue-generating cannabis company within and around the United States. He added that the company plans to lead wholesale sales of customized cannabis products. On a pro-proforma basis, the company will have the highest statewide retail footprint within Florida.


A Historic Deal In The Budding Cannabis Industry

Nicholas Vita, CEO of Columbia Care, commented that both companies will continue to put the interests of their stakeholders first, as they have always done since Columbia Care was founded. The cannabis industry is evolving, and more opportunities present themselves to grow the space. Mr. Nicholas stated that the merger of both companies would increase their chances of providing the best possible service to their customers and investors.


This is truly a historic moment for both companies, as well as the North American cannabis industry at large. Vita explained that their strategic national footprint within and around attractive cannabis markets in the country would go well with Cresco’s unprecedented success in executing high-profile brands to establish the most prominent North American cannabis company. The merged body will be the most investable in the ecosystem.


Key Details of The Sale

With this deal, Cresco Labs will have the highest pro-performa revenue in the U.S. cannabis industry, with a valuation of $1.4 billion. The new company will have footholds in at least 18 states. Experts predict that by 2025, the company will be the sole wholesaler in the top 10 most significant and fastest-growing state markets. They are also slated to meet the needs of over 50% of U.S. adult and medical cannabis consumers.


As it is currently, Cresco Labs and Columbia Care are giants in their local cannabis markets. But this union of two giants will cause an immediate takeoff in the market. They’ll have a hold on legal cannabis markets in states like New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, and Florida. The two companies will have about 120 retail stores in 18 states. No other giant cannabis corporation can boast of this.


BDSA, the leading market researcher and analyst in the North American cannabis industry, noted that both companies represent the second largest retail footprint of all multi-state operators (MSOs). With the most extensive footprint in Florida, BDSA also revealed that the ongoing business deal would increase the new company’s market share in every niche. For example, the company will now have market shares for branded flowers, vapes, and concentrates. Therefore, Cresco Labs would remain one of the top five producers of all cannabis products in Canada and the United States.


Following the announcement of these sales, the stocks of both companies rose, but both slumped a few days later. Benzinga reported that Columbia Care’s stock rose at least 9% since January but is currently down about 60%. On the other hand, Cresco Labs, whose stock had an all-time high in 2021, has moved down by about 63%.


The newly formed company will likely have over $100 million worth of annual revenue by the end of 2023. This revenue is expected to increase as the merged company diversifies its products and increases its footprint and depth. Cresco alone has a retail revenue of about 47 percent. The combination of the two corporations will increase the revenue by about 63 percent, at least. There will be an increase in scale to drive profitability improvement. Vertical integration is also expected to increase.


What to Expect From This Transaction

Cresco Labs has up to 50 retail stores. Each store generates annual revenue of $10.9 million. This figure is the highest of all national operators in the U.S. cannabis industry. The Columbia Care deal could boost the marijuana asset sales of the company by $500 million. For the smooth acquisition of the Columbia Care brand, Cresco


Labs would have to sell about $400 worth of its retail and cultivation licenses to satisfy the license limits of states for the smooth acquisition of the Columbia Care brand. Cresco’s executives revealed that the MSO would divest some of its assets in five states to eliminate overlaps with Columbia Care operations.


This large asset sale between two leading operators in the cannabis industry would create opportunities for other small and large-scale marijuana companies. The merged company would rival other giants like Curaleaf Holdings and Trulieve Cannabis.


Bottom Line

Experts have analyzed the sales of Columbia Care to Cresco Labs. They commented that the merger would result in an increase in the new company’s value. However, there are also fears that the merger could collapse unexpectedly due to the massive divestiture, approval, and consent needed for the deal to go through successfully.


A Cresco spokesperson disclosed that a percentage of the sales profits would be used to settle outstanding debts. This is not the first acquisition executed by Cresco in recent years, but this is the most defining. Once the company passes the hurdle of divesting the required assets and gaining approval from state regulatory bodies and shareholders, the acquisition will be concluded.






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