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The Best Ways to Store Your Weed


The Best Ways to Store Your Weed

Whether you’re a casual consumer or a seasoned grower, you’ve probably questioned if you were keeping your cannabis properly. When it comes to cannabis storage, there are several elements to consider, and it’s critical to understand which ones matter. Let’s take a closer look at these areas, beginning with the importance of why you should store your marijuana carefully, as well as the elements that may wreak havoc on your stash.


If your stash is not properly maintained, it will be exposed to factors such as high or low humidity, severe temperatures, light, or air, all of which can lower the quality, effectiveness, and flavor of your flower over time.


The golden rule is to keep cannabis in a cold, dark, and dry environment at all times. However, the degree to which the environment is dry, dark, and cool is critical to success. Let’s look at the most effective ways to store your weed.

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What to Look Out For


While cannabis plants require light during their many phases of development, UV rays can destroy your flower after harvesting faster than anything else. To avoid this, keep your cannabis out of direct sunlight.


High quantities of oxygen can enhance the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes. Keep your weed in an airtight container to preserve it from excessive amounts of air.


It is critical to maintain optimal humidity levels when storing cannabis. High humidity may be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, while low humidity might cause your buds to dry up and degrade cannabinoids and terpenes. This may be prevented by buying humidity packs or containers that include them.


Below we have listed the best options that serve as containers for your weed, if you follow these suggestions you won’t be faced with any problems while keeping your stash of the highest possible quality.


Weed Boxes 


A premium weed storage box with numerous protective characteristics is worth considering because it can keep your stash fresh and finely protected. In fact, a high-quality storage box is critical to maintaining the maximum level of quality and flavor at all times. These are products worth investing in since you will use them for a long time, that much is guaranteed.


Glass Mason Jars


For a variety of reasons, glass jars are among the most preferred containers for preserving dried herbs. Mason jars are composed of glass and feature a metal cover that provides an airtight seal. Because mason jars are made of glass and are clear, there is a risk of light deterioration. With that being said, preserving weed in glass jars is recommended but you might want to keep them in a dark area. Storing in glass is also better for keeping humidity and temperatures stable throughout the storage period.


Air-Tight Plastic Bag 


Let’s be honest, sometimes all you have is a tightly sealed plastic bag. While this is not an ideal storage option, it is far superior to simply leaving your weed exposed to the weather. If you must temporarily keep your cannabis in baggies, make sure the seal is tight and avoid moving the contents as much as possible to reduce the chance of static electricity wreaking havoc on your stash.


Some people prefer to vacuum seal their plastic bags, but be sure the material is BPA-free. Also, try to keep the bag in a dark, cold place rather than in your pocket, and, most importantly, switch storage mediums as soon as possible.


Titanium Jars 


Metal containers are often avoided by many customers, particularly for long-term storage. This is due to the fact that metals may radically alter the flavor of cannabis flowers over time. Titanium jars are the next best alternative for individuals who dislike glass containers and prefer containers that reduce light exposure.


Unlike other metals like aluminum or steel, titanium will not change the flavor of your flower while still safeguarding your stockpile.



Final Thoughts


When it comes to storing marijuana, it is always advised that whatever cannabis storage medium you use be kept in a cold, dark setting. When it comes to the storage medium, airtight marijuana storage containers are highly advised.


By keeping cannabis in an airtight container in a cool, dark area, you dramatically reduce the chance of cannabinoids and terpenes degrading since you minimize exposure to extreme temperatures, air, light, and humidity.


As we have seen, all of these factors may have a negative impact on the strength and flavor of cannabis. So, the next time you’re getting ready to store your stash, keep these guidelines in mind and be sure to share them with others.



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