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The Best Ways to Consume CBD


The Best Ways to Consume CBD


Today the CBD market has evolved to give consumers and huge option around various forms for CBD consumption.


While some believe the best way is using CBD flower to smoke, others love CBD oils extracted, and others want crystals to be vaporized. Consumption of CBD is really based on personal preference but in this article we’ll explore the option and see which are best for you and how they can best be used to impact the health benefits you are looking to target.


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Background on CBD?


CBD is one of at least 85 active ingredients, called cannabinoids, present in Cannabis. Compared to THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects and does not alter the psychophysical state.


CBD is a component of Cannabis sativa. CBD crystals are extracted from Cannabis sativa plants and purified to obtain 99% pure CBD with 1% of the plant’s natural terpenes. Usually, the crystals are absorbed through the vaporizer, adjusted to a temperature between 160° and 190 °C.


Recently, the scientific community has shown a growing interest in this active ingredient and its use, mainly thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties. One of the areas in which CBD is most appreciated is remedies to relieve anxiety and stress.


For decades various government and non-government groups have been testing the benefits of CBD and while there is a lot more testing to be done, a large percentage of the world believes there are some tremendous health benefits that can be had from consumption of this magical plant.


While many believe in these health benefits (such as soothing pain and reducing stress) quality remains an important aspect in the selection of the right product. In Europe, many companies represent the quality of CBD oils through three different grades, to help consumers understand their products and decide for themselves quality versus cost. 



What is the proper Dosage?


One question that always comes up is dosing. Many newbies to CBD are afraid of overdosing and don’t really understand the potential risk of taking too much CBD.


“If I take too much of it, what happens?”  Finding the proper dosage is important to achieve your goals, whether to cure pain versus soothing an anxious state or seeking relief from a particular pathology.


The challenge is that there are limited guidelines out there because CBD impacts individuals differently. Depending on how the CBD is taken (as an oil, as a lotion, as edibles) it can enter the body at different rates and have different impacts. Depending on how often CBD is taken will also impact it’s effect on an individuals. And depending on the individual themselves (small vs large, young vs old, long time consumer of CBD or newbie) will drastically impact the effects. And of course, the CBD’s quality and potency at the point of intake influence dosing as well.



For maximum absorption, try using capsules or taking the oil sublingually. It is believed to be the 2 best ways for getting CBD into you body and having the maximum benefit. It is also the best way to control the quantity of CBD taken. When using creams or edibles, it is hard to know how much is being absorbed and how potent the CBD is in the product. 

But the most important thing, is to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure you stay within the intended range. If there is no indication on the product, call the manufacturer and get advice, especially if you’re new to CBD.


At the same time, test what is right for your body. It is recommended that if you are just started out, start low and built your way up over time to ensure your body properly adjusts and reacts to this new ingredient.


CBD: how to take it? Crystals, CBD oil, and capsules.


The consumption of CBD oil has grown exponentially over the past few years. Many hard core consumers that want the purity of the product take CBD oil by applying a few drops under their  tongue (sublingual) or as an ingredient to add to culinary recipes or drinks. The edibles industry has absolutely exploded over the last 5 years with every type of food and beverage now being laced with CBD.


Furthermore, CBD crystals can become an integral part of a simple recipe, and many home chefs are now infusing their own home cooking with CBD from baking to more complex recipes.


Ways to Consumer CBD


As we stated before, there are a myriad of different ways to consume CBD, from drops under the tongue, to vaping, infused with food, through various substances that you can put on the skin. But there are some interesting examples of CBD products that are starting to be significantly more mainstream: 





If you want to protect your skin with natural and quality products, an entire new niche within the cosmetic industry has evolved. Cosmetics infused with CBD. Simply apply the creams, deodorants, lotions, makeup and other items directly to the skin of the CBD will be absorbed to improve the affected areas. 


While studies continue to be made on the benefits of CBD, some studies have shows improvements in certain debilitating conditions such as joint pain, dry skin, and acne. 


These products typically contain a standard blend of herbal oils, such as lavender oil and citrus oil, offering additional benefits beyond just the infusion of CBD. Cosmetics is a great way to consume CBD to improve healthy and beautiful.


Cooking with hemp seed oil


CBD from hemp seed oil is has a great taste that many consumers enjoy. Oil is a natural beneficial food supplement for health rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 6 and omega 3, as we explain in this article: nutritional benefits of hemp oil.


Fundamentally, hemp oil should be used as you would olive oil. It has similar properties and health benefits and is a great replacement.


Coffee with CBD


Many people consume cannabidiol for psychological relief. Cannabinoid can have extraordinary effects on individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress.  CBD can impact someone mood and demeanor. It is one of the reason it has become so popular in recent years. It is certainly pleasant to wake up in the morning with a CBD coffee, which boosts your positive energy. Furthermore, it allows you to face the day better, organize your thoughts, and feel mental clarity and clarity.


If you are interested in testing out some CBD products, there are many online options to chose from like


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